Port Fairy In Words


This plaque was the genesis of a series of photographs taken when I was holidaying in Port Fairy in September. The notable historic buildings have similar plaques attached to their walls or fences. This sparked my interest in other signs on buildings or structures in the town. Below is a photograph of the historic Methodist Church.



Some of the plaques have weathered quite a bit unlike the bluestone former courthouse. I didn’t need to read the plaque to know the original purpose of the building as its design is typical of courthouses.



An apothecaries hall was a first for me. The building which is now a private home, bears an image of a pestle and mortar.



The Lecture Hall was another first for me. Inside were beautiful examples of pressed metal and painted cherubs.

The plaque on the wall said:

Lecture Hall

1881 – 1882

Land grant 1864

to Belfast Temperance and Philharmonic Society

(Port Fairy was known as Belfast for some years)

The building is still in use as a lecture hall. I attended a lecture given by Clive Blazey, one of the founders of The Diggers Club, as part of the Port Fairy Festival of Words.



In front of the Lecture Hall is an area of new bluestone paving.







Perhaps the Russell Clarke reserve was a place Grandma Jean liked to frequent.



This sign had a sternly serious tone…………




………….whilst these were light hearted.



9 Responses

  1. How interesting that the buildings appear to be strongly Classical in design. I love the humorous pub signs 🙂

    • Victoria’s substantial old buildings were built in the mid to late Victorian era so I guess they reflect what was being built in the United Kingdom at the time. They also reflect the wealth that was being generated in the colony.
      I think the pub signs are good examples of Aussie humour.

      • The humour is very much to the point! I love it.

  2. I really enjoyed the tour “in words” Margaret. Old architecture fascinates me. I also liked how you ended with humorous signs! You’ve done a great job to capture the details of the buildings.

    • Thank you for your support, Jane. Port Fairy is rich in old architecture and there is more to come!! Taking the time to walk around Port Fairy yielded rich rewards.

  3. I find the architectural details quite fascinating. And many times the camera just doesn’t do justice. That lighthouse is a beauty!

    • Hi Lori. I wonder how the lighthouse looked when it was painted red!

  4. Loved all the plaques and their various buildings, most interesting.

    • Thanks Susan. Port Fairy is very photogenic. There are old and new sights to enjoy.

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