Mica Grange Blooming Still


Sunday was a brilliant Central Victorian spring day – mid 20s, not a cloud in the sky, bright sunshine, a slight breeze. I was standing on the slopes of Mt. Alexander, together with a 1,ooo flies, looking out from the Mica Grange garden at the view. Everything around me could be seen in the sharpest of detail – the atmosphere was so clear  – no dust, smoke, heat haze or humidity.

The spring sculpture exhibition was in full swing and so was the garden.

This post concentrates on the garden whilst the next post will feature the sculptures.


The fairy garden is a new addition.












It was interesting to compare the garden this spring with last year’s spring garden. This year, the roses were triumphant whilst the proteas were still getting in their stride………..






………..However, these were the exception.




This planting of succulents was very eye catching.




8 Responses

  1. How nice to have a clear day. It’s rare to be able to see afar these days, I find. There’s often mist, low cloud or pollutants in the air ruining a good view!

    Love the door in the fairy garden 🙂

    • Hi, We have had a few clear days recently. Everything seems so vivid on these days.
      There were children admiring the door and wanting to open it to see what was inside.

  2. Ah, while I love roses, proteas are quite special to me. I’ve never been able to get them to flourish or flower in my gardens though. I think the soil is not right for them. Lovely photos of a beautiful garden. I like your introduction about the conditions. 1000 flies – how very Australian! 🙂

    • Jane, They were the little bush flies that like to crawl up your nose and behind your spectacles. By the end of the visit, my body bore the imprints of 6,000 little crawling and tap dancing feet.
      This is the only garden where I have seen white proteas.

  3. I love the soft colors in your photographs. What a peaceful place… I really like that metal basin… bird bath perhaps?

    • Hi Lori, Water features give a garden a lift with the reflective surface of the water. Birds drinking or splashing about is an additional treat. I didn’t see birds at the water bowl, perhaps there were too many people about.

  4. That garden looks a lovely place to visit despite the flies.

    • Yes, Susan, Mica Grange is a lovely garden to visit. The sculpture exhibitions mean I am making return visits – not only to view the sculpture but also to admire the garden. An additional attraction is afternoon tea on the deck.

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