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By the River
July 27, 2017

I am working on a new collage which is still to be finished, so I trawled through photographs of former holidays. I thought you might like these shots of river scenes taken in 2009 when I journeyed to Cobram and Numurkah in northern Victoria.


This is the Murray River near Cobram.

River Red Gums are typical of the adjoining flood plain.

Broken Creek wanders through Numurkah.




More River Red Gums. They can grow to enormous spreading trees. They need a good, flooding soaking from time to time to thrive.



Thompson’s Beach, Cobram
April 2, 2012

The corellas wheel overhead

Screeching, calling – a riot of sound.

A man wanders along the beach, communing with the River.

My stomach is replete with lunch.

29th of April 2009

It is a pleasure coming here again.

It is a lovely park.

My eye was taken by the patterns made by shadows and leaf litter on the ground.

The corellas are busy nipping off foliage – littering the ground.

The simple desire to capture an avenue of trees leading down to the River absorbs a couple of hours easily.

6th of April 2011

Cobram is a small town on the River Murray which forms the border between the states of Victoria and New South Wales.

The Little Corella is a small white cockatoo which forms large, noisy flocks.