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Grampians Series No. 3
February 7, 2018

Here is another collage created using monoprints I made during the Grampians Brushes 2017 workshop I attended in September last year.

I had made monoprints of gum leaves at the workshop.

For this collage, I did a lot of cutting up and cutting out. I stuck down some of the printed paper to make a background layer. I cut out the prints of the leaves and drew around them to create leaf shapes on a variety of hand painted and printed papers I had in my stash. I cut out the leaf shapes and stuck them down in another couple of layers. For the top layer, I added the monoprints and some feathers. I coloured any white spaces left with wax crayon. I felt the collage needed a point of focus so I added the sequins to complete the work.

Grampians Series No. 2
January 20, 2018

This is the second collage I have completed using mono prints I made at Grampians Brushes in September 2017.

I cut holes in the printed mesh and stuck coloured paper then the mesh onto the printed background.

Using wax crayon, I added colour to the printed shapes which were also stuck onto the background.

Finally, I glued on nylon ribbon, pink plastic mesh and a crocheted flower to complete the collage.

Grampians Series No.1
January 8, 2018

On the 9th and 10th of September 2017, I attended an arts workshop in Halls Gap, the main centre for tourism in the Grampians.

The workshop, ‘Monoprinting with Collage’, was held as part of the Grampians Brushes program organised by GrampianArts.

I was attracted to the workshop because I like making collages and I wanted to learn more about printing techniques as I hadn’t tried monoprinting before.

The tutor was artist and printmaker, Mandy Gunn who presented a stimulating schedule of print making activities.

Printing presses were available and I was excited by the intensity of colour and the fine detail which could be achieved by using them.  However, I stuck with handprinting as I wanted to experiment to see what worked best using this method of printing. I am a kitchen table artist – my ‘studio’ is an old laminex kitchen table which sits at one end of my living room. I like to use inexpensive, low tech processes to make my art.

I came home with a collection of prints which I could use to incorporate into artwork, including collages, at a later date.

With the arrival of January and a break from my regular weekly schedule, I have now adopted my summer routine when I spend the hot afternoons in the cool of the indoors –  a perfect time to get out the prints I made in September and start making new art pieces.

This is the first collage I made.

Print Making – The fourth design
July 4, 2014


Unfortunately, I missed one of the sessions of the ‘rough cuts’ print making course and have only recently been able to attend a catch up session.

This gave me the opportunity to print the first proof of the fourth and final design of the set of four.

I look forward to doing some more printing at home when I have acquired all the materials.

Eventually, I would like to have the set of four prints framed.

Print making – the first proofs
April 7, 2014



At the last session of my print making course, I made the first proofs from the plates I had made.

It was interesting to see my work ‘in the flesh‘. However, it was clear I need to practise my inking skills.


Not enough ink.


Too much ink.


I will remove the texture lines from the background of this one to provide more contrast with the lines in the central flower.

Next session, I will be practising my inking technique some more and experimenting with printing on different papers.

Rough Cuts – Print Making
March 23, 2014


I am attending a series of printmaking workshops, ‘rough cuts’.

So far we have been creating the plates for  the prints.

I have chosen to make  wood cuts of flowers based on my own drawings. Carving into wood is a new experience for me.


We are using laminated sheets of timber to make the wood cuts. The wood is given a wash of black ink so the carved design stands out.

Here are three designs, in various stages of completion, I have been working on:






I plan to create four  designs before we start printing.

The next stage will be the proof prints where we will make the first prints to see what refinements we might make to our designs.

Lino Print: Desolation
March 7, 2014


Yesterday, Thursday, I began a series of 5 print making workshops ‘rough cuts’ at a local art supply shop in Castlemaine.

Betsy Forster, a local artist, will guide the group  through the process of making relief prints. We will be making lino and wood prints.

In the coming weeks, I will be sharing what I have made but nothing to show as yet.

I have made  lino prints in the past  and this workshop will help me  improve my technique.

For now, I have dug this lino print out of my archives and it will be interesting to see how my work develops over the next 4 weeks.

I gave the print the title  ‘Desolation’  as it illustrates my feelings about a career failure in my early twenties.