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Mica Grange Flowers
January 12, 2019

I have made several visits to Mica Grange since I moved to Castlemaine almost 6 years ago.

Mica Grange is a large country garden perched on the slopes of Mt. Alexander overlooking the Sutton Grange Valley.

I have always enjoyed the sculpture exhibitions, the panoramic views, Bede’s productive garden, Mary’s food and the flowers.

Here are some of my favourite photos of the flowers of Mica Grange. Some were taken on my most recent visit in November 2018 and others from earlier visits.


It is hard to ignore the proteas when they are in flower. Of the open gardens I have visited, Mica Grange has the most extensive collection.










As with many other open gardens in this district, roses abound. When they are in flower, what’s not to like?

Roses may need pruning, dead heading and protection from pests and diseases, but they are remarkably hardy.













There are also Australian native flowering shrubs and trees.

There is plenty to delight the eye at Mica Grange.

Mica Grange Spring Sculpture 2018
December 15, 2018

A friend who lives in Melbourne came to visit for a couple of days towards the end of the Castlemaine and District Festival of Gardens.

We visited Mica Grange on Saturday, the 10th of November. My friend is a photographer so we had a very leisurely wander around the property stopping for lunch and afternoon tea.

The sculpture and garden art exhibition provided plenty of photographic opportunities. Here are the works which attracted my attention.


The flying lady was one of my favourite works.

There was quite a collection of serene women.









Macrame is not dead. Two poles were covered in bright orange, knotted string.








This horse head was my other favourite work. I was particularly impressed by the way the mane was represented by cleverly arranged chains.

Granite Garden, Harcourt North
November 6, 2018

Yippee! It is the Castlemaine & District Festival of Gardens this year. The festival is running from 3 to 11 November 2018. With twenty two gardens to choose from, there is something for anyone who is even vaguely interested in gardens.

On Sunday, a friend and I visited two gardens which were new to us.

The first garden we visited was Granite Garden situated in North Harcourt on the lower slopes of Mount Alexander.


There are views over a vineyard and orchards.

At the rear of the house, the garden slopes upwards.  The garden is packed with trees and shrubs.

The air was heavy with the perfume of flowering citrus.

I admired the healthy and flourishing lemon trees. They must enjoy the granitic soil and the higher slopes.

It is a pity I won’t be around when the figs are ready for eating.

The property is situated near an old granite quarry. Perhaps the stone for the steps and garden edging came from there.

Shady areas have been created under the canopy of trees.

I used to grow Green Goddess in my garden in Ferntree Gully.

The purple spires of the echium are striking. I would love to grow an echium in my garden but the plant needs more space than I can provide.

Two examples of native plantings are these grevilleas and ……..

……..this leptospermum or teatree.

I was very taken by these red leaves and red seed capsules.

This new garden bed is enhanced by a simple decorative element. Bamboo garden stakes of various lengths have been spray painted and grouped together.

I am pondering whether I can use this idea in my garden.

My friend and I were able to fully absorb the peace of the garden as we sat on a garden bench and enjoyed our picnic lunch.

It is a pity my photographs can’t capture the variety of bird calls or the flash of New Holland honey eaters as they darted among the shrubs.



Beautiful Mica Grange in Autumn 2018
April 9, 2018

We had glorious weather for Easter and Easter Sunday, when I visited Mica Grange with a friend, was no exception.

People who have read my posts over an extended period know I keep returning to Mica Grange because of their garden art and sculpture exhibitions. The setting for these exhibitions is a beautiful garden with extensive views over the Sutton Grange valley.

Sitting on the deck enjoying a light lunch (and yummy cake) and admiring the view is one of  life’s little pleasures.

Michael Parker’s sculpture was my favourite this time round.

Michael does beautiful work. He is a Daylesford artist and has his own gallery and studio.

This giant eucalypt blossom was attention grabbing.


These easy care chooks have great appeal. No need to worry about foxes.

There were plenty of rose blooms to enjoy especially if pink is your colour.

The blossoms of this eucalyptus were a magnet for bees.

I was delighted to see this protea flowering. Usually proteas are in full swing in spring.


I took home a snail just like this. No need to worry about it snacking on any tender greens.


Mica Grange Blooms in Spring 2017
December 9, 2017

Mica Grange is a garden which keeps on giving. There is always something to intrigue and delight when it is open in autumn and spring. I last visited on Tuesday, the 7th of November, Melbourne Cup Day.


In Bede’s productive garden, it is amazing what can be grown in old wine barrels.


The blooms of the white waratah were fading, but were still very photogenic.



The proteas were at their peak.





The callistemons were putting on a good show.



And here are a small sample of the roses which were in bloom.

This garden has been developed on the rocky granite slopes of Mount Alexander where the plants are exposed to the full force of the elements……..yet it thrives.

Glorious Mica Grange in Autumn 2017
April 20, 2017

Castlemaine’s glorious autumn weather continued over Easter and Mica Grange looked at its shiniest best when I visited on Easter Saturday. The country from the slopes of Mt. Alexander down the Sutton Grange Valley was bathed in bright sunshine.

The roses were in fine form.




The rose hips glowed.

There were potted delights.



Deciduous trees were clothed in their autumn glory.


The orchard and tubs growing vegetables were full of abundance.



The sculptures and garden art were delightful.

The autumn sculpture exhibition will feature in my next post about Mica Grange.

Autumn Sculpture at Mica Grange
April 20, 2016


Birds of all sizes and materials were a particular feature of the sculpture exhibition at Mica Grange this autumn.















I enjoyed the variety of mosaics.
























I was intrigued by this work with…….


……….all these screws joined together.


I admired the elegance of this object.










The brightly coloured roses set this white sculpture off perfectly.


The Colours of Autumn at Mica Grange
April 11, 2016


Hey, Ho! It was a beautiful autumn day, perfect for another visit to Mica Grange on Sunday, the 3rd of April to view the latest sculpture exhibition. However, in this post, I am concentrating on the garden. Whilst I have now made a number of visits to Mica Grange, there are new things to photograph as it is a garden which keeps on giving.

It was very pleasant wandering around the garden unescorted by the flies which were so abundant in spring.




There are new objects to attract attention as the owners add to their own collection of garden art.






The peppers created quite a show in the vegetable garden.


The native bees were loving this flowering eucalypt.




Spring Sculpture at Mica Grange
December 5, 2015



It is a treat being able to view sculpture in a rural garden setting. The different exhibitions held at Mica Grange on the slopes of Mt. Alexander create opportunities to view new works – some by artists seen previously and some by new artists.








I wonder what these children are pondering. I think they would look great gazing into a small pool with fish or frogs.


Who would have thought an earwig would be the subject for sculpture? And it is so lovingly crafted.



It is amazing what can be created using chicken wire, old metal and reclaimed metal shelving.


I think these frocks are a delight.



Masai warriors on the front lawn – Why Not??





This piece is stunning.


I photographed these works when I visited Mica Grange on Sunday, the 15th of November 2015.


Mica Grange Blooming Still
November 19, 2015


Sunday was a brilliant Central Victorian spring day – mid 20s, not a cloud in the sky, bright sunshine, a slight breeze. I was standing on the slopes of Mt. Alexander, together with a 1,ooo flies, looking out from the Mica Grange garden at the view. Everything around me could be seen in the sharpest of detail – the atmosphere was so clear  – no dust, smoke, heat haze or humidity.

The spring sculpture exhibition was in full swing and so was the garden.

This post concentrates on the garden whilst the next post will feature the sculptures.


The fairy garden is a new addition.












It was interesting to compare the garden this spring with last year’s spring garden. This year, the roses were triumphant whilst the proteas were still getting in their stride………..






………..However, these were the exception.




This planting of succulents was very eye catching.