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Mask Making: Fire
May 13, 2012

The inspiration for the making of this mask was the Black Saturday bushfires on the 7th of February 2009.

 173 people died in the fires and the township of Marysville was destroyed with other small communities in the Shire of Murrindindi being devastated.

400 fires raged in the State of Victoria for 3 weeks before it began to rain.

It was a tense time for the communities in the Dandenong Ranges close to where I live. Fires threatened Upper Ferntree Gully, Upwey and South Belgrave.

Smoke drifted through the outer suburbs of Melbourne.

These fires came at the end of years of drought in South Eastern Australia.

I have covered the mask with torn fragments of articles collected from the local newspaper during the last fire season. I singed the paper before tearing and applying the pieces to the mask.

The mask is covered with fragments of headlines, flames, smoke, burnt trees and firefighters as well as ash.

Mask Making: Earth
April 16, 2012

As  I was making this mask,  I was thinking of the impact made on the earth by the thousands of diggers seeking their fortune on the goldfields around  Castlemaine during the mid to late  1800s.

The earth was denuded of its tree cover, dug over, tunnelled, trampled, pounded, ripped, reshaped, piled, dumped, washed and sieved.

I have given the mask the rough textures of the rocky, clay soil, the colours observed in the roadside cuttings and added the glint of gold.