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Rock of Ages, Maldon
April 16, 2020

Yesterday (Wednesday), Katie and I walked up the track to Mount Mooral in the Nuggetty Ranges to enjoy the vistas at the rocky outcrop known as the Rock of Ages.

We could look down on the Maldon cemetery.

We could also look across to Mount Tarrengower with its towers.

There is no one rock called the Rock of Ages but lots of rocks which together are the Rock of Ages.

The Nuggetty Ranges and Mount Tarrengower are formed from granite.

The flowering correas were attracting New Holland honeyeaters.

During our time in the Nuggetty Ranges, the only other people we encountered were an artist and another walker.

Maldon Cemetery
June 16, 2019

Recently, I was standing at a lookout known as the Rock of Ages in the Nuggetty Ranges when I saw that Maldon’s cemetery lay at my feet. This provided the inspiration to visit the cemetery this sunny, Sunday afternoon.

Here is the view looking up to the Nuggetty Range.

Whilst I was admiring the view across to Mt. Tarrengower, I noticed a brick tower in the distance so I made my way across.

Just as I thought, it was a Chinese oven or burning tower used in Chinese funeral ceremonies. I was disappointed that all evidence of Chinese burials had disappeared unlike the Castlemaine cemetery.

The oven is listed by the National Trust which helps to ensure its preservation.

Locally, the main evidence of the Chinese presence on the goldfields is in the cemeteries as joss houses or temples were demolished years ago.


I like the memorials descendants have erected to their pioneering ancestors.


This headstone of an Irish family features a harp which I haven’t seen before.

The old sexton’s cottage stands at the entrance to the cemetery.

Maldon Art Walk 2019
March 29, 2019

The Maldon Art Walk coincides with the Castlemaine State Festival.

The work of local artists is displayed throughout the town.

Here is a small sample of the work on display.

Negative Transformation

Photo negatives, wool, wire, fishing line

Maritsa Gronda

This year’s theme is ‘One Person’s Trash is Another Person’s Treasure’. Maritsa captured the theme well.


Galaxy 1&2

Glass and mild steel

Neil Tait


4 Headed Kid with Harpys in the background


Frances Guerin




Frances Guerin


Glen White partially covered this shop window with old record covers.

I would have liked to photograph more of the art works but the reflections of the shop windows made photography too difficult.

Quartz Kiln, North British Mine, Maldon
August 24, 2018

The North British Mine in Maldon was opened in 1858 by Robert Dent Oswald who became extremely wealthy on the proceeds of the gold extracted from the quartz of Parkins Reef. By 1887, the North British Mine was being described as one of the richest mines in the world. The mine produced 242,000 ounces of gold before closing in 1926. It was the largest, most profitable and longest operating mine in Maldon.

Quartz kilns were built in the 1860s. The kilns were used to roast quartz to burn off impurities and to make the quartz more brittle so it was easier to crush to extract any gold.

The remnants of the mine are now Heritage listed and protected by fencing.

I used charcoal to make the drawing of one of the kilns yesterday (Thursday) on a perfect, early spring day.

Gold mining was a gamble. Across the road is Carmen’s Tunnel where guided tours are conducted by volunteers. The company which drove the tunnel into the side of a hill, failed because so little gold was found in the quartz reef there.


Dog in Still Life
July 16, 2017

I recently visited an art exhibition held as part of the Maldon in winter 2017 festival held from the 1st to the 16th of  July.

I found myself contemplating still life paintings of objects with shiny surfaces, fruit and drapery.

The paintings inspired me to create my own collaged still life. I couldn’t resist including the image of the cheeky dog sitting up to its breakfast tray.

Maldon Art Walk 2017
March 18, 2017

Today, Friday, was a perfect autumn day and what better way to spend it than to wander around the nearby historic town of Maldon appreciating the art displayed as part of the 2017 Maldon Art Walk. From the 12th to the 26th of March, the work of local artists is on display in shop windows and in public spaces. The work of 100 artists is displayed in 50 venues. Tiny, little pots rub shoulders with the sausages at the butchers, a large charcoal drawing struts its stuff at the hardware shop, a painting of a carousal is a joyous addition to the premises of the local ice cream maker and a small, metal boat rolls on barbwire waves in the garden shop.

The following photographs are of a small selection of what is on show. I didn’t have to worry about reflections from shop windows with these works.

This dress is made of chicken wire, yet it looks soft and filmy – I love it.

I also love these beautiful, hand dyed felt jackets

This courtyard with the old pomegranate tree brought back memories of a lazy lunch with relatives under its shade years ago.

The court yard provides the setting for this amazing installation….

………….. as well as these sculptures.

On the far wall of the dining room of the historic Kangaroo Hotel is this painting of the Trentham Falls.

My friends and I enjoyed a hearty lunch in the dining room.

Maldon’s Easter Parade
March 29, 2016

Yesterday, Easter Monday, I weathered a chilly autumn morning to attend Maldon’s Easter Parade, one of the highlights of Maldon’s Easter Fair which claims to be Australia’s oldest continuous easter fair.


People gazing down the main street waiting to catch a glimpse of the horsewoman holding the Australian flag. She is at the head of the parade.


And here she comes………




…… followed by Maldon’s brass band.



Different modes of transport were a big feature of the parade. Historic, vintage, veteran, classic – something to please everyone……




…………horse power……….


………….donkey power…………




……… pedal power ……..






………. and vehicles powered by internal combustion engines.


















The stirring sounds of a pipe band tap into some ancestral memory of mine. I find them irresistible.




Country parades are a perfect showcase for local clubs and organisations. The dogs in the crowd barked their appreciation and support as the local dog walking club passed by.








The cactus warriors were out in force. They are dedicated to the elimination of the wheel cactus, a serious environmental weed in the district.








The local primary school and ……….




…….. the Central Victorian Lion Team provided some multicultural sound and colour.


















Local volunteer emergency services came up in the rear of the parade – The Country Fire Authority and …….


……. The State Emergency Service.


This is my longest post to date and I hope readers who have reached this far have enjoyed the experience. If you go to the link, you can watch an interview with Lilian Long whose family have participated in the parade for 139 years. Lilian’s great, great grandfather was the founder of the parade.






The Victorian Goldfields Railway
December 30, 2014


 On Sunday, the 28th of December 2014, my niece and I chuffed our way from Castlemaine to Maldon on a steam train.

The Victorian Goldfields Railway is run by a band of volunteers using a former Victorian Railways branch line which closed in 1976.


The action in Castlemaine














Muckleford station – a brief rail stop








 The destination – Maldon Railway Station



Charcoal drawing: Along The Spur Track
March 24, 2013


After the testing hot weather

The bush murmurs quietly in the grey, cool day.

Grey clouds float gently above

In no rush to go anywhere.

The belling of a White Throated Tree Creeper slices the silence.

The bush waits stoically for rain.

Maldon Historic Reserve, 18th March 2013

Maldon is a town near Castlemaine.