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Intuitive Collage
October 18, 2016

In late August, I attended an Intuitive Collage workshop being offered by Ann Bidstrup of Heart Art . The purpose of the workshop was to gain a greater appreciation of what is significant to us at this time through a process of inquiry leading to the creation of a series of collages. From time to time, Ann offers workshops based on art therapy practices where the process of creating takes precedence over the finished work. Another similar workshop was Inspirational Beads which I attended in 2011.

The process of creating the collages was simple, but intense. The first stage of the process was collecting images from magazines. Putting the logical part of our brains to one side, we cut out images which attracted our attention. No over thinking here, just collecting images which said ‘Pick me, pick me.’

The next stage was sorting through the images and selecting a few which had the strongest attraction. Choosing one image to work with, we began the process of internal inquiry, imagining ourselves within the image and exploring how it had meaning or significance for us. We wrote down our thoughts until we could give a name to the image which signified its connection to us at this time.

The final stage was assembling the collage using other images which complemented the theme of the dominant image. The images were glued to card 13cm x 20cm.

During the full day workshop, I created three collaged cards.


This first card is titled ‘Phoenix’.

As my role of aunt has diminished, I am undergoing a period of transition, letting go of the old and creating new roles for myself here in Castlemaine.


This card is ‘Joy’.

The cheeky frog represents the joyful aspects of my life at present. I chose the hot, happy colours to complement this theme.



The title of the final card is ‘Survival’.

I am reminded to pay attention to those things in life which assist with my survival – which keep me functional in this world.

Silver Heart, Coloured Bells
December 20, 2015


Once again, I have had the pleasure of attending an art workshop conducted by Ann Bidstrup of Heart Art in late November.

I departed from mosaics and created this heart using aluminium embossing foil. The embossing tool was a biro. The ink was wiped off with methylated spirits when the embossing process was finished.









Everyone’s an art critic.


Mosaic: Fire
December 11, 2013


This is the third in the series of transparent mosaics I have made at Heart Art.

As I was making the mosaic, I was thinking of the fires which burnt in the Blue Mountains and around Sydney in October this year.

This time I have added photographs of the process of making the mosaic.DSCN2569


Ann provides a wide range of coloured and textured glass to choose from.

The glass pieces are cut to size using glass cutters.DSCN2575


A drawing of the design is placed under the glass base to use as a guide.

The glass pieces and the beads are stuck on using a clear glass glue.DSCN2577

Tiger tail is threaded through the hole in the top of the shape and beads added. Beading crimps hold it all in place so the mosaic can be hung. DSCN2684

Mosaic: Water Lily
November 27, 2013


This is the second of the series of transparent mosaics.

I was a bit disappointed with the result as the shape of the water lily does not stand out from the background.

I included too many colours in the background rather than choose one colour, green or blue, to provide the contrast which was needed to provide definition for the flower shape.


Mosaic: Heart
October 31, 2013

DSCN2588This is the first of a series of 3 transparent mosaics I completed at workshops conducted by Ann Bidstrup of Heart Art.

I made the mosaics over a period of some years.

The heart mosaic has given me a lot of pleasure as it hangs in a window catching the light.


Mixed Media: Fantasy
September 24, 2013

DSCN2534I created this picture at a workshop conducted by Ann Bidstrup of Heart Art.

The picture is on canvas and combines paint, fabric, threads and beads which were painted, fused, glued and stitched.

I think it is a sunny, happy picture.


Mosaic: Sea Horse
October 23, 2012

Mosaicing the sea horse was challenging because of all the curves.

I completed the mosaic at a weekend workshop offered by Ann Bidstrup of  Heart Art.

Ann’s husband cuts out the shapes for the mosaics.

The sea horse was created for my new home.

Mosaic: Mirror Fish 2
August 25, 2012

This mosaic fish was also created with the support of Ann Bidstrup of Heart Art.

Ann conducts her workshops at her beautiful studio in Park Orchards.

I enjoy using the gold and silver mosaic pieces as they create extra shimmer. I used the glass beads to represent bubbles.