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Sound Meditation: Stepping Into The Mandala, 28th February 2012
March 14, 2012

We gaze at our chosen images of a mandala

In silence, in contemplation

Taking in the details, impressions, associations.

Having observed the mandala from above, we step into our mandalas.

As the bowls toll, we explore the space within, going deeper and deeper.

Within my mandala is a small, dark lake hemmed in by a circle of trees.

The lake pulsates with energy.

Beneath the lake’s surface, the golden energy within its depths rises and cascades forth above and beyond the trees

Illuminating the landscape beyond.

Within darkness, there is light.

Sound Meditation 21st February 2012: Healing White Light
February 25, 2012

The first session for 2012

The five women arrive.

One is a meditation novice – brave woman!

As the meditation begins,  the women settle into their chairs and yoga mats.

Bringing our attention to our breath, we enter the meditation space –

Our minds focussed on the here and now

Allowing distracting thoughts to drift by.

With the inward breath, we breathe in calm, relaxation, peace

With the outward breath, we breathe out those things not needed right now.

We breathe in a healing, white light gradually allowing it to fill our bodies.

My heart expands, my chest alive with energy interacting with the vibrations of the healing bowls.

We expand the white light to encase our bodies and unite the group with the shared purpose of peace and healing.

Awareness gradually returns to our everyday waking state.

The woman suffering from a back injury comments ‘I was a block of ice when I arrived, now I am  water.’

Sound Meditation 2012
January 16, 2012

The back to school merchandise is appearing in shops as well as early easter novelties, so I thought it was time I started to promote the courses I am offering in the early part of 2012.

In this post I am focussing on the sound meditation sessions being offered as part of  The Basin Community House  program.

The four sessions are being held on Tuesday evenings 21st of February to the 13th of March from 7.00pm to 8.00pm.

The sessions provide an opportunity for relaxation, quiet reflection, the raising of self awareness and healing.

The sounds of healing bowls, rattles and a rain stick provide a focus for the mind during the meditation.

One participant has commented that the sounds of  particular bowls call her attention back if her mind becomes distracted.

Participants enjoy the different qualities of the sounds during the meditations.

Arlo gets to stay at home.

A theme is offered for each meditation session.

During Term 4 2011, the following themes were offered:

  • healing through visualising a white light
  • creating a tranquil, peaceful place engaging all the senses
  • the soundtrack of our lives where participants reflected on their personal associations with particular sounds or music
  • reflecting on participants’ scripts or stories about the Festive Season.

No prior experience of meditation practice is required to attend these sessions.

The course fee is $40.

The venue is The Basin Progress Hall situated on the corner of  Forest Rd. and Mountain Highway. There is ample parking behind the hall.

You will need to bring a pillow, mat to lie on, blanket and water bottle.

Contact The Basin Community House  Ph: 9761 0209 to enrol for the sessions.

Ph: 8711 8938 or email: ( if you would like to talk to me about the sound meditation sessions.

The Basin Community House also conducts Belly Dancing, Dog Grooming and Quigong/Taichi classes at The Basin Progress Hall. Check the Term 1 Program for further details.