Autumn Retrospective

It is nearing the end of the autumn months and normally at this time of year I would have published some posts on autumn gardens I had visited. But with the corona virus pandemic, not this year – sigh!

So, I am taking solace in this retrospective.

Whilst I tend to associate autumn with the colours of deciduous trees, other plants also make a splash with colour. These grasses are a feature at Frogmore gardens and nursery near Blackwood.

There is an abundance of fruit and acorns.

Colourful berries are a delight.

Ornamental grapevines strut their stuff.

Belleville in Dunolly has an impressive grapevine tunnel.

These autumn tones adorn Mica Grange – one of my favourite gardens.

Vaughan Springs and……

Castlemaine’s Botanical gardens attract many visitors on fine autumn days.

Last Saturday, the lawns were filled with families (in groups of 10 or less) enjoying the freedom to gather in parks and gardens to soak up the sun. I am sure the children were disappointed the playground is still closed – bad corona virus!

I hope that in spring restrictions will have lifted to the extent that there will be open gardens again.  I am looking forward to exploring new gardens and revisiting favourites.

9 Responses

  1. How beautiful, makes me almost feel warm again with those warm tones of red and orange. Beautiful photos as always Margaret.

    • Thanks Jennie, I hope you got to admire the autumn colours in the Dandenong Ranges this year.

  2. The colours are just stunning, My favourite, if I had to pick, is the tunnel & the last photo, best most beautiful climbing tree ever. Thanks for sharing.

    • Hi, The Castlemaine Botanical Gardens has beautiful, old oaks.

  3. Loved all the colourful pictures you took, thanks for sharing them.

    • Hi Susan, I enjoyed reviewing and selecting the photographs at a time when I have found it difficult to get out and take new ones.

      • What was pleasure for you was pleasure for us too.

  4. I love the tall grasses in autumn, and there is no arguing the beauty of lovely hues of gold, red, and rusty tones. Lovely images, Margaret!

    • Thank you Lori, Castlemaine is very colourful during autumn. The grasses are a speciality of Frogmore nursery.

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