Sculpture in Motion 2020

The Hanging Rock Winery is currently hosting its second sculpture exhibition.

It was an absolutely gorgeous day – low 20s, clear blue sky and a yellow sun – when a friend and I journeyed to Newham in the Macedon Ranges on Friday, 24 January.

The sculptures all incorporate movement in their design. Many are tall or perched on poles.

For some artists creating a kinetic sculpture is a new venture. There are sculptures which are masterful in their execution swinging and swaying in the breeze whilst others could do with some tweeking.

In this post, I have intermingled images of sculptures with views around the winery to give readers’ necks a rest from craning to admire the work of these sculptors.

Bobbing Boat by Jimmy Rix

The boat is attached to the waves by a spring. The boat bobs when viewers gently touch it. My friend and I happily made it bob.

Wing-it by Anthony Vanderzweep

BJF 23 by Ben Fasham

This is Ben’s first attempt at making a kinetic sculpture and he nailed it.

Circles by Rudi Jass is masterful in its execution.

The Lie of the North by Geoffrey Ricardo has shades of Pinocchio.

M-fortythree by James Parrett

Future Seed by Adrian Spurr is one of the few sculptures at ground level.

Threefold by Nicole Allen reflects the passing clouds.

Flirt by Charlie Aquilina is one of my favourites. This work reminds me of a deep sea fish which uses a lure to attract its prey into its cavernous mouth.

Egg and Spoon by Michael Sibel

Bipolar Eccentric by Ralf Driessen is very impressive.

The blue chimes belong to Resounding Blue by Tania George.

The exhibition ends on 23 February 2020.

8 Responses

  1. What a fascinating spot! Flirt was by far my favorite. The distant landscape images are beautiful. What a wonderful day to be out touring!

    • Thanks Lori, The Macedon Ranges are very scenic with expansive views. I have thoroughly enjoyed the two sculpture exhibitions at Hanging Rock winery – 2019 and 2020.

  2. So much talent how beautiful, jealous of the temperature I’m sitting here dripping & glowing in ridiculous 36+degree heat, it was so nice to imagine the sculptures swaying in a cool breeze.

    • Yes, it was a day out of the box. Friday and Saturday, we sweltered in heat with tropical humidity – sigh! I am very grateful for air conditioning. However, I am not complaining about the rain which came at the end of it.

  3. So glad there are no signs of bush fires. I love kinetic sculptures so your post was a real treat for me, thank you.

    • Hi Susan, I am glad the sculptures gave you so much pleasure. My friend had a very excited companion on the day as I love kinetic sculptures too.

  4. I just love kinetic sculptures! We used to visit a garden near where we used to live in Wiltshire which had a variety of garden sculptures including kinetic ones.
    My favourites here are ‘Bobbing Boat’, ‘Wing-it’, and ‘Bipolar Eccentric’.

    It also sounds like the weather was really quite temperate compared to some of the conditions you’ve had recently!

    • Yes, it was a perfect day to be out. Even if you only had a passing interest in the sculptures, there was the pleasure of the countryside, the farm animals, the views of Hanging Rock and Mount Macedon…….and the wine of course!

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