Trees – Close Up

When I first thought about creating this post, I had lichens and bark on my mind; but then I thought about shadows and leaves and fruit, berries and flowers. So…..this post became longer with each new addition.

These are some of the lichens.

Here the shadows are mixing it with the lichens.

A tree needs bark.

I restricted the number of photos of leaves with autumn colour to two as I realised things were going to get out of hand. One day I will publish a post focusing on autumn leaves.

Pink peppercorn berries. The peppercorns are currently flowering and the bees are loving it.

Fruit can be very photogenic.

These flowers belong to a tall callistemon which grew in my backyard in Ferntree Gully. The tree was cut down together with all the other trees by the developer who purchased the property.

Spring blossoms are irresistible.

8 Responses

  1. I’m glad to know I’m not the only person to enjoy photographing lichen, fungus and strange growths on trees. I think the colors of nature are so beautiful. I’ve often thought these nature colors and patterns would be beautiful to replicate on fabric.

    • Hi Lori, I enjoy seeing the work of textile artists who use natural dyes and the forms of plants including leaves in their work.

  2. Hi, They are quinces. Quince trees are tough being able to survive frost and drought. I am very partial to quince jelly.

  3. There are some wonderful patterns and colours here. I love the first image of the tree with its characterful branches and that lovely orange lichen.

    • Thank you. I am glad the photographs gave you pleasure. Like you, I try to observe the beauty which may not be immediately apparent.

  4. Trees are magical beings and your photographs more than do them justice.

    • Hi Susan, I apologise for my tardiness in responding to your comment. I share your sentiments about trees being magical beings. It is a pity not everyone gives them the respect they deserve especially when in the pursuit of profits.

  5. Beautiful colours, its amazing all the little details in our bushland, even in drought I have found lichen on fallen branches. the fruit looks so yum, is that a type of pear below the apple pic.

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