Caelum, Macedon

Yesterday, Sunday 8 December, I had the pleasure of visiting two Macedon gardens which were open as part of the Open Gardens Victoria program. The two early summer gardens were a delight on a hot, sunny day when the light was so bright it almost hurt the eyes.

This was the first time I had visited gardens on the slopes of Mount Macedon which is famous for its gardens especially in autumn.

It was a challenge taking photographs because of the harsh light but I managed to take quite a few.

The first garden I visited was Caelum (Latin for Heaven).

The garden was so inviting because of its cool, shady areas. I took the photograph of the vegetable garden from the shelter of a spreading oak and found I was sharing the shade with something else whilst resting under another shady tree.

The herb garden is located in a sunny area near the vegetable patch. I enjoyed sitting on the low retaining wall and running my fingers through the rosemary.

A native garden has been established under these huge eucalypts.

Given Macedon’s high rainfall, I was surprised by the abundance of succulents.

They occupied large swathes of garden bed, pots and were tucked into nooks and crannies.

All kinds of elements work together to create interest in the garden: different shapes and textures of foliage……..

………..coloured foliage………

………..pops of bright, floral colour………..


……..and characters such as these.

This Mock Orange has it all: varigated foliage, fragrance and beautiful flowers.




7 Responses

  1. Thank you for sharing a bright sunny day! It’s been a very dreary wet Autumn and early Winter here.

    • It is the experience of days such as last Sunday which make winter bearable – the knowledge that bright sunny days will return.

  2. The bird metal art would certainly look good in my flower beds! Ha ha! I couldn’t help but notice so much green and beautiful foliage in all of the photographs. For a moment I thought of Tukker deer strolling with me having a nip of this or a nibble of that. We have almost nothing green here right now as we are in the middle of the winter season.

    • Yes Lori, The garden is very lush in summer green. If it is dry on Mount Macedon, it is dry everywhere.

  3. What a fascinating place, I loved the bird sculptures.

    • Hi Susan, I really enjoyed visiting this garden. I particularly enjoyed sitting under spreading trees drinking tea and eating a chocolate and raspberry muffin.

      • Sounds marvellous.

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