Still Standing, Chewton

This old building has intrigued me for quite a while. I am sure that when it was in active use it served a variety of purposes over time.

There is a large opening at one end which has been roughly filled with granite stones. Below the opening there is old stone work, the remnants of a demolished structure.

I needed to reimagine the window and doors as new security hoarding was covering these features when I arrived to make this crayon drawing.

The land use around the building has altered dramatically since its construction. It is wedged between the clubrooms of the Chewton recreation reserve, the public toilets and new water tanks.

The fact the building is still standing demonstrates it holds some significance for the Chewton community.

9 Responses

  1. More beautiful and interesting photos from your travels around the district Margaret. Love them all.

    • Hi Jennie, I hope to get out and do some more drawing this week. I will probably need to sit in my car to do the drawing as the weather is cold and wet.

  2. Looks like a building full of character. The big stones blocking up the opening at the end are rather curious!

    • I agree the big stones are a curiosity. What was the reason for blocking the main source of light in the building?
      The building is constructed of a mishmash of materials which contribute to its character.

      • Yes – quite a mystery. It would make a good setting for a thriller!

  3. A charming cottage portrayed in your special way Margaret.

    • Thank you Enevea, I have never thought of the building as a dwelling. I have wondered whether its original purpose was agricultural or industrial.

  4. What a lovely drawing of an interesting building, thank you.

    • I am glad you like the drawing, Susan. Part of the fascination of the building is the variety of materials used in its construction, timber boards, brick and stone. I am afraid the new security hoarding does not contribute to its appearance.

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