Roadside Stalls

One of the features of country life I enjoy are the roadside stalls and the variety of produce available.

I have no doubt the stalls provide a valued income to the people who set them up.

I keep an eye out for stalls selling manure as I like to make horse poo tea as a liquid fertiliser for my pot plants.

This one is at Muckleford.

I can’t believe there are people so miserable and mean that they refuse to pay $3.00 for a bag of poo which somebody has collected by hand from a paddock.


This stall at Newlyn is upmarket.

The farmer is doing a good job promoting his potatoes to passing motorists.

Other potato stalls in the district between Newlyn and Ballarat are much simpler affairs.


Honey for sale in a quiet street in Fryerstown.


I like to stop at this seasonal stall in the farming district of Dean on the road between Newlyn and Ballarat.


The jams and preserves make great gifts.


I poke my nose into Trish’s Gate in Guildford quite often to see what is available. There are always plants. Sometimes there are eggs or vegetables.


Roadside stalls appeal to the hunter gatherer in me.

The photographs were taken over months as stalls can be seasonal or out of stock.


6 Responses

  1. Great to support local and one another! We have a farmer’s market in the park in our town.

    • Hi Denise, I also enjoy markets. Castlemaine has a weekly market as well as monthly Farmers and Makers markets.
      As you say markets are another way of supporting local producers and sellers.

  2. I love the ease of these roadside stands. We have them here too, but most have someone attending. There are thieves all over… which is sad. It would be lovely to be able to trust folks.

    • Hi Lori, Most of the stalls I see have a locked cash box with a slot in the lid which is bolted to the stall. This might prevent someone making off with any cash but it doesn’t stop pilfering of the produce itself. The more sophisticated stalls have security cameras.
      The stalls give me a lot of pleasure.

  3. Thanks Susan. By making purchases from stalls, I am supporting small producers making good use of their talents and resources.

  4. What a splendid variety of stalls you pass by, fascinating! What a shame that some people think that what’s yours is theirs!

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