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The Colours of Spring
January 25, 2019

I started this pastel drawing in late winter but have only just finished it.

The inspiration for the drawing came during a yoga class in July 2018. July is our greyest, most wintry month – oh, will it never end?

Last winter was particularly trying as my left foot was quite painful making standing and walking more difficult.

During this particular yoga class, I began to visualise the colours I associate with early spring and my spirits lifted.

When I was making the drawing, I decided to add some of those things I like about the transition from winter to spring:

the warming sun and the lengthening days,

the bright green leaves emerging as the oak trees wake up from their winter dormancy,

the early, bright golden wattles  lighting up the bushland,

and the carolling magpies fiercely defending their territories and nests.



Mica Grange Flowers
January 12, 2019

I have made several visits to Mica Grange since I moved to Castlemaine almost 6 years ago.

Mica Grange is a large country garden perched on the slopes of Mt. Alexander overlooking the Sutton Grange Valley.

I have always enjoyed the sculpture exhibitions, the panoramic views, Bede’s productive garden, Mary’s food and the flowers.

Here are some of my favourite photos of the flowers of Mica Grange. Some were taken on my most recent visit in November 2018 and others from earlier visits.


It is hard to ignore the proteas when they are in flower. Of the open gardens I have visited, Mica Grange has the most extensive collection.










As with many other open gardens in this district, roses abound. When they are in flower, what’s not to like?

Roses may need pruning, dead heading and protection from pests and diseases, but they are remarkably hardy.













There are also Australian native flowering shrubs and trees.

There is plenty to delight the eye at Mica Grange.

The Corpse Bride
January 1, 2019

It was Halloween and the Dames, Drinks and Drawing class had really embraced the theme of the night.

The Corpse Bride appeared for the longer poses.

I mentioned in my previous post that the classes were both fun and terrifying. How on earth was I to respond to a heavily veiled figure wearing a corset and a cage like skirt? A challenge indeed!

When I was reviewing the initial charcoal sketches, I refined some of the details and added colour using soft pastels.