Lixouri, Barkers Creek


Lixouri was the third garden I visited during the 2018 Castlemaine and District Festival of Gardens. 

Lixouri is very popular with garden festival enthusiasts.

It consists of terraces leading down to a small lake fringed with iris.

There is an adjoining olive grove.

Roses line the fence which divides the garden from the olive grove.


The terraces are edged by dry stone walls.

There are many plants typical of Central Victorian gardens to admire.

The vegetable garden had been given over to poppies which I enjoyed.

4 Responses

  1. I love those stone walls. And I enjoyed the photos of the olive grove. I have never seen one, and found it interesting!

    • Hi Lori, Olive groves are relative new comers to the landscape in Central Victoria and the Central Highlands and are an example of how land use can change over time in response to a growing market for a product.
      I am glad I introduced something new to you.

  2. I would have enjoyed visiting that garden very much, irises, water, olives and roses what a quadruple treat. Thanks for the tour.

    • A pleasure, Susan. I visited Lixouri with a friend who was keen to see a small art exhibition at the property. My friend headed off to the art exhibition whilst I headed down to the lake.

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