Cherbern Park, Metcalfe

Cherbern Park in Metcalfe is a funny, quirky garden which has been developed around the former headmaster’s residence. Metcalfe school itself was transported to Taradale Primary School where it now serves as an art room. The only substantial public building remaining in Metcalfe is the former town hall.

Cherbern Park was the second garden my friend and I visited on Sunday, the 4th of November.

The garden is adorned with a variety of garden implements, ………

…….. bits of farming equipment…….

…….and discarded domestic items.

The garden ornaments belonged to the gardener’s grandmother. Enevea, the black swan tyre planter is for you. There is also a white swan tyre planter – definitely a throw back to yesteryear.

Don’t throw away your old, broken or cracked terracotta pots, use them creatively as planters for succulents.

At the rear of the property is the old, school pine plantation.

The owners have converted the area into a play ground for their grandchildren. It comes with the suspended, old doors, giant pencils and these two tractors fashioned from tyres, old kindergarten chairs and rubbish bin lids for steering wheels. There is also a small trampoline and tree house.



On the day, there were plenty of pink flowering plants……..




………as well as other flowering delights…….

……….including this Bridal Veil or Weeping broom…………


……….iris which are a staple of many Central Victorian gardens………

………and this interesting looking flower.

We really enjoyed our visit to this garden. The gardener who remained stationed in the plant sales area said she could hear us happily chatting and laughing as we drifted around the garden. And we didn’t go away empty handed…there’s nothing like a good plant stall!


8 Responses

  1. Yes Margaret, I loved the swans, thank you! In fact, the garden generally made me smile,as I love the reuse of things domestic outdoors. Many fun things, which is what makes a garden special, more than expensive rare plants.

    • Hi Enevea, Gardens offer pleasure in many ways which explains their appeal.

  2. I was happy to see the broken pots reused. I do the same here… and sometimes if it’s a large pot they make nice toad homes too!

    • Hi Lori, Yes, we can unwittingly provide ideal homes for various garden residents. I am sure the toads enjoy the shelter you provide.
      Some people create insect hotels using a variety of small, hollow objects, bark and sticks to attract beneficial insects to their gardens.

  3. Glad to read that the garden gave you so much enjoyment, with good reason! Thanks for the tour.

    • Hi Susan, The garden was full of surprises. We enjoyed our conversation with the gardener about how the garden developed. I have found that if there are not many visitors, gardeners often like to share stories about their lives and gardens.

  4. The playground looks fun! I’d be a bit concerned about redbacks inside the tyres, although country kids likely know all about them.

    • Yes, the property owners are a country family so I think they would be able to handle any uninvited guests living in the tyres.

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