I have made the former Senior campus of the Castlemaine Secondary College the subject of a photographic project.

The grounds of the campus were increasingly neglected over recent years. Since the Senior campus moved to join the Junior campus, the site has also been subject to vandalism.

I took these photographs as I walked around the grounds of the school over the past few months.

Today, I was reminded how temporary a situation can be. The shattered windows I documented in a previous post are now boarded up. The paint spattered over asphalt is lifting and peeling and being dispersed. There was a work crew removing fallen branches and mowing grass to tidy the grounds.

It was encouraging to see the site has not been abandoned altogether and perhaps, new life will be breathed into the place in the next few months. Who knows?


It is not often that a vegetable looms large in the mind of a graffitist.

This window is now completely boarded up.


These photos were taken today. I wanted to show the shapes the blue sky made through the broken roofing material.

A new tree has taken root on a stairway.

I guess this is a long forgotten art project.

Katie, my field assistant, generally explores whilst I mess about taking photographs.


7 Responses

  1. You have found and focused on the beauty amidst the sadness of the dereliction. The glass fallen on the board and the fan-shaped patterns in the smashed windows are my favourites.

    • Hi, Glass is fascinating because it breaks into interesting shapes. There are reflections, shadows and distorted images. I can understand why you would like the smashed glass best.

  2. Hi Susan. Yes, there are plenty of interesting things to observe and record, including the mundane, if I am open to seeing them with fresh eyes.

  3. What an interesting way of looking at everyday life. I love these candid images. Your field assistant likely turns up her own discoveries along the way!

    • Hi Lori, My field assistant likes to turn up kangaroo and rabbit poo. She is also partial to rolling – not always with pleasant results!

      • Ha ha ha!! That made me laugh. Our Lollipop is much the same. It’s just what dogs do!! The smellier they are, the more prestigious in the pack.

  4. You always find interesting things/views to photograph, thank you.

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