St. John’s Anglican Church, Chewton

St. John’s is the only remaining church in Chewton still used as a place of worship. It is part of the Anglican Parish of Castlemaine. It is typical of a small country church.

Nothing fancy, as the stone slab for a back step demonstrates.

The church is set on a hill among gum trees and overlooks the township.

I like the coloured glass windows which give me the feeling of being inside a jewel box.

I like watching the play of light as the sun streams through the windows when…..



…………I attend the concerts held in the church in the afternoon of the last Sunday of the month during autumn and winter.

The concerts are informal affairs with local singers, poets and musicians donating their talents to help raise funds for the maintenance of the church.

The Castlemaine district is home to a wealth of makers of stringed and wind instruments. Here Michael Sweeney is about to play his lute. People with a keen eye will note that Michael who is left handed, has made a left handed lute.

Dave De Hugard is a well known folklorist and musician who has been collecting and researching Australian bush dance tunes for years. He is playing Australian old time dance tunes on his piano accordion and concertina.

Solway Nutting is playing Bach with her husband on violin and friend on keyboards in harpsichord mode.

With afternoon tea provided, the concerts are a very pleasant way to spend a Sunday afternoon.








4 Responses

  1. Old churches have a charm about them. This one looks lovely Margaret. The coloured glass is simply beautiful and I enjoy how that beauty is always best seen from the inside.

    • Thank you, Gail. I agree small country churches do have a charm about them. Before Christmas 2016, I attended a carol service in the Uniting Church in Yandoit, a tiny settlement near Daylesford. Like St. John’s, the church has a charm that is not present in much grander church buildings. These small churches speak of a familiarity and intimacy shared by the communities who worship there.

  2. Sounds delightful, I wish I could join you!

    • Hi Susan, Yes, the concerts are often delightfully surprising as a wide variety of people perform and there can be impromptu audience participation – dancing, singing, playing additional instruments.

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