Mica Grange Autumn Sculpture Exhibition 2017

In my last post about my recent visit to Mica Grange on Easter Saturday 2017, I concentrated on the garden. This post is about the autumn exhibition of sculpture and garden art.

There’s new work to see and new artists  – as well as the work of artists who have previously exhibited here.

The fairy realm has been extended – fairy houses were for sale.



The work of local potter, Ellen Hansa-Stanyer, featured strongly this year.

Her work is very playful.







I don’t know if the plastic fish came with the water feature.



Hmmmm…..not sure about the red.

This sculpture was intriguing. The figure is working out how to stick a wing back on the aeroplane.

Does anyone fancy replacing their children with this life size pair?







6 Responses

  1. Thanks for the tour, most enjoyable.

    • Hi Susan, I enjoy the variety of work on display and how the exhibitions vary over time.

  2. The feather – I see quill 🙂 – is my favourite.

    • Hi Gail. Yes, the feather is eye catching. Many of the works are far too big for my small garden. I think the fish heads sticking out of the water and the bowl with the women are of the right scale. I like their cheekiness.

  3. So wide and interesting selection of artwork. But my absolute favourite are the fairy houses. They are just fabulous! 🙂

  4. Hi Hanna, You are not alone in your fondness for the fairy houses. One visitor swooped down on one and claimed it as her own before she had seen the rest of the garden.

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