Another Collage Inspired by Minna

This is my second collage inspired by the work of the artist, Minna Gilligan.

I wanted to create a picture which is playful and fun. I used acrylic paint, magazine pictures and stickers.

As you can see, I had some difficulty photographing the picture. I didn’t want the flash to go off because of the reflection from the shiny surface so I went outside where I needed to weigh the picture down because of the breeze.


4 Responses

  1. I had that very same problem this morning trying to photograph a document to text to FD who was waiting at a dealership to purchase a limb rake for our orchard. I could not for the life of me get the lighting correct. I finally stood on a chair to get the right angle, and when I did finally get it photographed, I realized I sent the image to him upside down! Sometimes we must get creative in these endeavors! I love your collage and the bright colors!

    • Thank you Lori, Minna’s work is full of bright colours. I included a couple of shades of gold metallic paint.
      I look forward to seeing a post on your blog showing you in action with the limb rake. Right now, I have a mental picture of you standing on a branch combing the leaves!

  2. Hi Susan, Yes, what can seem a simple task can be unexpectedly complicated.

  3. Life is full of problems alas. Loved your work though.

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