Two Castlemaine Town Gardens

Amners Garden and Serendipity are two Castlemaine town gardens I visited in Spring of 2016.

Amners is a large garden on a slope leading down to Campbell’s Creek whilst Serendipity is small and compact.


Amners has a large productive and ornamental garden where permaculture principles are implemented.

For special interest groups, Jo Amner conducts tours of the garden and demonstrates how to propagate plants from cuttings.














With Serendipity, Heather demonstrates how to make maximum use of a small site of 420 square metres.


Plants are packed in and the illusion of space created by the use of mirrors.





Vegetables are grown outside the front fence on the nature strip. A wire compost bin sits at the end of the vegetable bed.



11 Responses

  1. It’s always interesting to see just how much can be packed into small garden spaces – although the 420 sq metres seems quite large compared to many gardens here in the UK!

    • Hi, I believe the 420 sq metres includes the house, although the gardener has extended her garden beyond the fenceline – borrowing extra space.
      Property owners are responsible for the upkeep of the nature strip or verge outside their properties. For many councils this means keeping the area mown. Many frown on a property owner who does anything more creative than whipping out the lawn mower – other councils are more tolerant of people’s gardening and landscaping ambitions.

  2. Hi Margaret your photos continue to highlight the beauty of the gardens you visit! I loved the funny little man playing the bagpipes!!

    • Thanks Jenny. I was amused by the garden ornament also – a bit different to the normal garden gnome. I also liked the shape and colours of the plants surrounding the piper.

  3. What lovely and flourishing gardens! It’s really impressive how that small space in Serendipity supports so much plant life. Just beautiful!

    • Hi Lori. I was very interested in visiting Serendipity because my own garden is very small. Seeing other people’s gardens is great for inspiration and gathering new ideas.

  4. These gardens are so full of vitality. I find gardens using permaculture often have this quality. The plants seem to be in harmony with each other.

    • Hi Gail. The gardens are full of vitality as are their gardeners. Both Jo and Heather talk enthusiastically about gardening and the place it has in their lives.
      I am now making weed tea fertiliser as a result of visiting Jo’s garden and I am inspired to hang a mirror under my front verandah to reflect the front garden because of my visit to Serendipity.

      • I found the mirror an interesting feature in your post. A great idea!

  5. What an interesting garden and fancy growing veg on the nature strip, do passers by help themselves?

    • Perhaps some do, Susan. The vegetables looked lush and decorative along the fence of Heather’s home.
      Jo has plants for sale along the public footpath and she makes up packets of peas and fruit leather for the local primary school children to purchase.

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