Phillip Island

It is high summer so I thought a post about the seaside would be appropriate.

I have been sorting through my photographs and happened upon my 2007 holiday on Phillip Island.

Phillip Island is a major holiday destination in Victoria being an easy drive from Melbourne. It has many attractions for holiday makers and day visitors including international visitors.

Probably the most popular attraction is the Penguin Parade in the warmer months of the year when Little (Fairy) Penguins emerge from the ocean at dusk and scurry across the beach to climb into the sand hills to their underground nests where their hungry chicks are waiting to be fed. It is not easy being a penguin parent, out fishing all day, returning to shore exhausted in the evening, checking for predators, then a dash across the beach in front of excited humans, followed by an arduous climb home. …………then out again before dawn next day.

Whilst this post contains no images of penguins, it does illustrate other island features which appeal to me.


There are rugged coastlines and surging seas on the ocean side of the island.





The sheltered,Western Port, side of the island has beaches where you can swim, paddle and fossick to your heart’s content.









There is coastal vegetation to admire……..


…. flowering pig faces




……… grassy tussocks ……….




……… and enough lichen to keep lichen lovers satisfied.




In addition to penguins, there is this seagull rookery at the Nobbies, koalas and seals.


9 Responses

  1. Wow! I think this would have to be a destination on my “bucket” list! What stunning photographs! The coastline and sea, plantlife, rocks, lichen… just beautiful! Thank you for this lovely tour, Margaret.

    • A pleasure, Lori. I think you would also appreciate the wildlife viewing opportunities as well.

  2. Ahh, the types of pix I used to take! I always liked the pigface, wherever, a fave. It’s been a while for me too. Nice memories, thank you Margaret. 🙋🎈

    • Thank you, Janina. I am glad you enjoyed this post. I think most Melburnians would have visited Phillip Island at some time in their lives.

  3. I remember the koalas.

    • Hi Susan, I doubt the Phillip Island raceway or many of the tourist facilities had been built in the late ’50s but penguins have been crossing the Summerland beach, seals living and breeding on Seal Rocks and shearwaters nesting in the sand hills for a very long time.

      The Penguin Parade is a photography free event so apart from those professionals who are authorised to take photographs, no visitors are taking photographs during the parade.

      And yes, I coughed up my dollars to pay for the package where I could get a closer view of the penguins and I also booked to travel out to Seal Rocks to see the fur seals…….and it was all totally worth it.

  4. I was last on Philip Island in 1958/9 a very long time ago so it was lovely to see your pictures which brought back memories. Like you I didn’t see the penguins either but the island is still worth a visit.

  5. Oh yes this was on our plan originally but we headed in the other direction instead for the GOR. The only thing about Philip island is it is relatively costly to find a place to crash for the night. Would like to stay late for the Penguin parade!

    • Hi, Thank you for visiting my blog. I think overseas visitors are faced with the dilemma of so much to see and do in such a short period of time. As experienced travellers, you would know that sometimes it is a matter of timing to find the best deal in accommodation – so better luck next time when you come this way! I am sure you would enjoy Phillip island.

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