Long Term Project Completed At Last!


Like many people who knit or crochet, I have projects I have been working on over a number of years –  picking them up and putting them down again for a while as other, smaller projects take priority.

This week I completed this rug which I started about five years ago. It is a mixture of eucalyptus coloured wool and novelty yarns. The wool I inherited from my mother’s stash. Most of the rug is knitted with the exception of the three crochet motifs and the border.




‘Hmmm, this is nice and snuggly, Margaret.’


I am planning to give the rug to a family member who lives in a pet free household.


11 Responses

  1. Well done, Margaret! I know from experience that it’s hard to pick up a project started a while ago, and finish it!

    • Hi, While there are projects I have started and never finished, …..usually relating to sewing, I eventually finish the ones involving knitting or crochet. I find knitting and crochet relaxing whilst sewing is often frustrating. I prick my fingers, the thread gets tangled, I need a needle threader to get the thread through the eye of the needle etc.

      • I understand where you’re coming from! With age, my poor eyes are struggling with small detail. I needed to use a needle threader for the first time the other day for a simple repair job.

  2. What a beautiful work of art! Is that Katy trying to cop a nap in luxury? Ha ha!

    • Yes Lori. Katie was examining the rug as soon as I spread it out on the bed. It has certainly been tested for comfort.
      I don’t keep the rugs I make as my pets and I share our home. I use blankets and doonas which I can easily wash and get dry.

  3. It has the look of market garden rows of produce! 🎈

    • Hi Susan. I like to make rugs to my own design. That way I stay interested in the project, given a rug takes a while to complete.

    • Hi Janina. That is an interesting perspective. I like the way people can view an object through the prism of their own experience and imagination.

  4. Well done, a masterpiece!

  5. What a good feeling you must have to be finished, Margaret. Well done!

    • Thanks Gail. I have some smaller projects in the pipeline and another rug languishing in a bag waiting for attention so there is plenty to be getting on with.

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