Fryerstown Cemetery


Fryerstown is another former booming gold town whose glory days are behind it. Once home to 15,000 people and boasting 25 hotels and 5 breweries, it is now a quiet township of approximately 320 people.

As with other towns in the district, the cemetery is an interesting place to wander around.






There are the old and modern graves.





Old head stones tell the story of the pioneer families.




New head stones have been erected by a current generation of Australians to honour their pioneering ancestors.





These grave sites are distinguished by distinctive images, words and ornamentation.











7 Responses

  1. I love touring old and historic cemeteries. Everything from fencing to stones to script and sayings – it’s all fascinating!

    • Hi Lori, I am glad you enjoyed this post. Given the recent death in your family, I wondered if the timing of the post was unfortunate.

      • Oh, Margaret, it was just fine. I have always found cemeteries quite fascinating. No worries at all. 🙂

  2. Yes, you are right, Janina, that headstones or plaques can be difficult to photograph – indistinct lettering, shiny surfaces etc. I find some memorials family members and friends create for the person who has died to be both moving and fascinating.

  3. An interesting start to the new year, Margaret! Deal with the past and now let’s get on with the present. *wink. Of course, I’ve wandered thru many country town cemeteries too that, yes, are the history of the town. And often in a nice location too. Peaceful places. PS: Some things like headstones don’t foto too well.

  4. Interesting gravestones, thanks for showing them to us.

    • Thanks for visiting this post, Susan. I find it interesting to observe how graves change over time. In modern times, family and friends choose to remember the person who has died in various ways and this is reflected in the style of the grave. I am wondering if there is greater freedom in country cemeteries compared with those in cities.

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