Lichen at Llandia, Taradale


Llandia was another garden I visited during the 2016 Castlemaine and District Festival of Gardens.


Australian natives were flowering including grevilleas………


………and this mint bush.



The lichen growing on mature deciduous trees was very photogenic.










It was very pleasant sitting on the verandah enjoying afternoon tea whilst looking out over the garden in the gently falling rain.



8 Responses

  1. That’s a gorgeous photo of the grevillea. I find them hard to photograph.
    The light on overcast or rainy days is often really good for photos because there a no shadows and there can be a softness to the light. You’ve certainly made the most of this rainy day to capture some beautiful photos.

    • You are right, Gail. Bright, sunny days can be challenging with strong contrasts between light and shadow. Colours can look really washed out in bright sun.
      I am glad you appreciate my photos.

  2. Lichen is one of the beauties brought out in the rain. I often don a rain jacket in the spring and walk the woods, watching the tree trunks magically transform in lichen.

    • Yes Lori, rain intensifies the colours and enables some plants to swell as they absorb the moisture. The bark of some eucalypts looks stunning when wet.

  3. The lichen is beautiful, Margaret. A pleasure to see.

    • Yes, lichen can be fascinating with its surreal landscapes in miniature.

  4. Sounds delightful, there is nothing like sitting outside but under shelter when it is raining.

    • Hi Susan, I agree. You can observe the rain and enjoy the associated sounds without experiencing the discomfort of getting wet.

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