Gold Coast Souvenir


In early August, I visited the Gold Coast in Southern Queensland to see family members and take in some of the sights. After returning from my holiday, I decided to create a collage using tourist maps and images from tourist brochures. This is the result.



9 Responses

  1. How lovely, Margaret. Something special to keep and to look back on.

    • Thank you. Yes, I wanted to create a unique piece of memorabilia.

  2. Lovely creation of memories! I am glad you got to spend time with family and enjoy a little sightseeing. Is it far for you to travel to visit family?

    • Hi Lori, My father and siblings live in metropolitan Melbourne – the nearest being a 90 minute drive away. I visit Melbourne once a month to visit my father who is in his early 90s, family and friends.
      The family members living on the Gold Coast are an aunt, uncle and their daughter and grandchildren. My aunt and uncle lived in Castlemaine for many years and moved to Queensland in May 2015. The journey to the Gold Coast is a 2 hour flight from Melbourne Airport.

  3. Good posts, beautiful blog.
    Welcome to see my creations:

    • Thank you for visiting my blog.

      • You’r welcome 🍁 🍁

  4. You are so clever, what a wonderful reminder of your trip.

    • Thank you, Susan. I enjoyed assembling the different images especially using maps as the background.

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