Serenity, Newstead


The Castlemaine and District Festival of Gardens was a very busy week. During the week, I visited two open gardens in Newstead – Lacey’s which I posted a few weeks ago and Serenity.

Serenity is right in the heart of the township. It presents a modest frontage, but there is more to Serenity than initially meets the eye. The property extends way back behind the house. As we stood in the back yard, one local remarked she had walked past the property many times and had no idea how big it actually is.



The garden is heavily planted with members of the daisy clan – reliable performers in Newstead’s tough climate.





I admired the effect of blue, white and green in this planting.




I don’t often see foxgloves. There was quite a show in this garden.




The owners clearly like lots of colour in their garden.




The owners have added decorative elements to add interest.




They clearly want to sit and enjoy the garden.


This garden retreat at the rear of the property is still a work in progress. The interior is not quite finished but the verandah is a joy to behold. It is so inviting.



7 Responses

  1. What a beautiful garden – bursting with colour and life! I love the way gardens surprise with their size and just how much can be fitted in a small space.

    • Hi, The garden was certainly bursting – it was so densely planted. Every available space was utilised – no lawns.

      • I’m not a fan of lawns, either. I think space in a garden should be devoted to edible produce or flowers and tall prairie type grasses! Lawns are, however, useful as paths inbetween.

  2. What a lovely garden. I especially love the foxgloves, which we do not see much of around these parts. I also loved the bird ornament and the antique Singer sewing machine table. Geraniums are one of my favorite plants also… they provide such a striking splash of color, and I find the leaves pretty too. Their scent reminds me of my Grandma’s outdoor porch where she raised dozens of them, and often managed to winter them over in some very frigid temperatures!

    • I am glad you enjoyed the garden, Lori. Singer sewing machine tables seem to keep on keeping on. They make a popular stand.
      I associate geraniums with Mediterranean countries. I think it is all those travel images of Spain and Greece – blue skies, narrow streets, white buildings and pots of geraniums.

  3. What a beautiful garden, thank you for showing us round. I especially enjoyed the pansies.

    • Hi Susan. Pansies are a favourite annual of mine also. I plant them in pots on my north facing verandah in autumn. I have only recently replaced them with portulacas which can handle the hot and dry conditions of Castlemaine’s summer.

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