Malmsbury Village Fayre 2016

Today, Sunday the 20th of November, I went to the Malmsbury Village Fayre for the first time. The numbers of people attending the Fayre swelled the population of this small township.


Motor vehicles lined the roads in all directions.


The Fayre is held in the Malmsbury Botanic Gardens and adjoining town hall.



The geese listened appreciatively to ……




…….. the singing of the Yiddish Choir who had travelled from Footscray, a Western suburb of Melbourne and………




……..the playing of the Gypsy band.




Fayre goers who were feeling peckish started lining up at the stall selling Halal food …….


……… whilst the belly dancers swung into action.






Members of the Malmsbury CFA (Country Fire Authority) were busy feeding people the traditional sausage in bread.


No Fayre would be complete without instruction in how to load and fire a musket or ……….






……… a demonstration of medieval sword fighting.







12 Responses

  1. The geese are adorable! The way they are watching and listening. So much attention. 🙂
    It’s really a joyful post, Margaret. 🙂

    • Thanks Hanna. The Fayre was a lighthearted and fun event.

  2. It appears Margaret, fun was had by all. I imagine the gypsy input was especially reminiscent of days of yore in the ” old country”, the halal stand was an interesting addition of Australia today and added a new flavour to the offerings.

    • Thanks Jennie. There were more stalls offering Turkish food, Asian food and the little Dutch pancakes.
      As the day was quite warm, I opted for Mitch’s home made lemonade, a CFA sausage in bread and a strawberry and basil icecream cone made here in Castlemaine.

  3. A wonderful diversity Margaret, and a Fayre I’ll put on my to-do list for next year.

    • Hi Enevea. The Fayre is a major event for this township raising funds for the local primary school and other community services.

  4. Yes, I liked the geese too. I was starting to think it was a special Middle Eastern cultural event! Great captures. 🙂

    • Hi Janina. The Kyneton Street Band continued the Middle Eastern theme with the music they were playing in the town hall. But there were also people playing harps and other styles of music. Local wineries, producers and makers also had a strong presence.

  5. My goodness! There certainly was a lot to take in at this festivity. You did a fabulous job photographing all aspects of the event. I still think my favorite images are of the geese. I love watching geese – they’re comical and very talkative!

    • Yes, Lori. The geese were attracting the attention of other Fayre goers especially as there were goslings in the flock.

  6. Very interesting, what fun was to be had. Thanks for all those illuminating pictures.

    • Hi Susan. Whilst the Fayre fulfilled my expectations in many ways, I was surprised two organisations recreating aspects of history attended. The people dressed in military uniform were recreating the British marines who were on board ships such as the ‘Endeavour’ captained by James Cook on his voyages of discovery. One of their roles was to maintain order on the ship.

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