Intuitive Collage

In late August, I attended an Intuitive Collage workshop being offered by Ann Bidstrup of Heart Art . The purpose of the workshop was to gain a greater appreciation of what is significant to us at this time through a process of inquiry leading to the creation of a series of collages. From time to time, Ann offers workshops based on art therapy practices where the process of creating takes precedence over the finished work. Another similar workshop was Inspirational Beads which I attended in 2011.

The process of creating the collages was simple, but intense. The first stage of the process was collecting images from magazines. Putting the logical part of our brains to one side, we cut out images which attracted our attention. No over thinking here, just collecting images which said ‘Pick me, pick me.’

The next stage was sorting through the images and selecting a few which had the strongest attraction. Choosing one image to work with, we began the process of internal inquiry, imagining ourselves within the image and exploring how it had meaning or significance for us. We wrote down our thoughts until we could give a name to the image which signified its connection to us at this time.

The final stage was assembling the collage using other images which complemented the theme of the dominant image. The images were glued to card 13cm x 20cm.

During the full day workshop, I created three collaged cards.


This first card is titled ‘Phoenix’.

As my role of aunt has diminished, I am undergoing a period of transition, letting go of the old and creating new roles for myself here in Castlemaine.


This card is ‘Joy’.

The cheeky frog represents the joyful aspects of my life at present. I chose the hot, happy colours to complement this theme.



The title of the final card is ‘Survival’.

I am reminded to pay attention to those things in life which assist with my survival – which keep me functional in this world.

8 Responses

  1. How interesting, Margaret. I’d like to try that.

    • Hi, I am glad you are tempted. I know the process created at least one light bulb moment for me.

  2. Thanks Janina. It is interesting to see what we are instinctively drawn to.

  3. I like the Survival. Very organic and indigenous and flowing. Trust it.

  4. What an interesting process. I think I can relate in a way as writing comes to me a bit like this (although many times lately with the deer I feel like I’m only able to manage updates!). I listen to inner spirit and look over photos, deciding what I feel inside about writing. If I put it off and the inner nagging keeps after me, I find myself unsettled and unable to proceed with daily routine (chores).

    Has your role as “aunt” lessened as a result of your move? I have been a distance from my family for more than 25 years, but there are a very few nieces and nephews who continue to keep contact through regular texting and email. I am thankful that they still care to communicate. It is a wonderful thing to be auntie… I hope it flourishes until I am no longer here. 🙂

    • Thank you for your thoughts, Lori. One of the reasons I chose to move to Castlemaine at 60 years was my nephews and nieces were no longer toddlers or preschoolers needing as much family support. They are now young adults, in secondary school or in the senior years of primary school so are much more independent. I am happy that the youngest of my nieces comes to visit me and stay over during school holidays.

  5. How very interesting and what powerful images you created.

    • Thank you, Susan. This type of work is very therapeutic.

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