Mosaic Garden, Kyneton



Today’s post features a garden that was open during the 2016 Kyneton Daffodil and Arts Festival held from the 1st to the 11th of September. I visited the Mosaic Garden on Wednesday, the 7th of September.

The gardener, Geraldine Phelan, is a mosaic artist and her work is dotted throughout the garden.


The Mosaic Garden has a few quirky features. This life size red horse is one.



As well as mosaics, there were plenty of camellias to admire.
















The art of Paul Gaugin had a strong influence.














These babushka dolls were very appealing.










Geraldine’s studio was worth a visit as well with beautiful mosaic dragons on display.


14 Responses

  1. Those mosaics are fab! I love the way you have interspersed them with floral images.

    • Hi, I am glad you like them. It was the promise of mosaics which enticed me to visit this garden.

  2. Hi Margaret,
    I am just catching up again. I seem to always be catching up these days! It was a treat to return to your blog and see some of my favourites. I’m extremely fond of mosaics and these were attractive and interesting. Camelias are a favourite too. As others have said that red horse is rather startling. I wonder why that choice of colour. I hope you didn’t suffer any damage from the recent stormy weather that affected South Australia, Vic and parts of NSW. It was quite a shock to read that SA was entirely without power.

    • Hi Jane, Yes, the red horse definitely makes a statement.
      The high winds did not make it this far so we escaped the fallen trees, damaged homes and black outs. It was sad to learn that a woman was killed in Millgrove when a tree fell on her home.

      • Oh dear, that’s sad news about the damage to homes and that poor lady’s death. We often have bad storms pass through our area but so far we’ve been fortunate to have missed out on damage.

  3. What an amazing garden Margaret. The mosaics would have blended in beautifully

    • Yes Jennie, the garden was certainly very distinctive because of the mosaics.

  4. I love the mosaics. I found the red horse very odd. It makes me wonder why anyone would pain it red? The sculpture itself is wonderful.

    • Yes, the horse looks very spirited, Lori. There was also a giant white kangaroo – another quirky feature – on the front lawn.

  5. Mosaics and camellias – two of my favourites. The garden looks beautiful Margaret and what a bonus for the artist to have an outdoor gallery of her own.

    • Hi Gail, Yes, the artist is able to display her work to best effect. I wonder if some of the pieces need to be put under cover to prevent the effects of weathering in the longer term.

      • That’s a good thought Margaret. Perhaps the weathering will become part of the story they tell.

  6. What a beautiful and interesting place to visit, thanks for sharing it with us. By the way, I think the artist that she liked was Van Gogh.

    • Thank you Susan, Yes, it is Van Gogh. This garden is quite different to others I have visited.

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