The Potager, Chewton


Last Sunday, the 25th of September, was the final day for the HEDGE open gardens this year. One of the gardens I visited, was The Potager. Just beyond the swimming pool is an enclosed garden of narrow, curving, stone edged beds………


……..where herbs, vegetables, self seeding annuals and perennials rub shoulders with each other.



Globe artichokes are a garden favourite in this district as they grow so well. People grow them for their foliage, edible chokes or stunning purple flowers.


In another area of the garden, it was blossom heaven.





Euphorbias are another garden favourite in this district. They are tough, come in a variety of forms and have distinctive lime green heads.



14 Responses

  1. This garden looks beautiful Margaret.

    • Gail, the gardener was apologetic that it was too early for the roses, but I didn’t mind because it was just the right time for the blossom.
      Right now, Castlemaine is adorned with the purple of wisteria which is at its peak.

      • Here in Queensland, we have the jacaranda trees splashing purple around the streets. It’s beautiful!

  2. Always lovely to see blossom! I love the lime-greens of euphorbia too.

    • Hi, I never really appreciated euphorbias until I moved to Central Victoria where they grow in abundance. They relish the climate and soils here. This week insect life has become more evident. Today, flies and small bees have been attracted to the euphorbias in my garden.

      • The wild variety known as spurge grows well in the chalky soil here. I understand that one has to be careful when cutting or handling euphorbias as the sap inside is an irritant.

  3. Hi Margaret, I just love a self seeded garden, such a natural look. Such a beautiful spread of colours and form…….and the blossoms, bring such a sense of new life……another photographic triumph!!!

    • Thank you, Jennie. I am glad you like this style of garden where things are allowed to just happen. I am pleased I was able to photograph the blossom at its best.

  4. Enjoyable! Blossoms, but most particularly the euphorbia, ‘tho my fave is the Crown of Thorns variety. Looks like you had a good day.

    • Hi Janina, I enjoy the euphorbias with the big flower heads. I have them in my garden where the lime green makes quite a splash.

  5. I could almost detect the scent of these delicate flowers! Were there any butterflies about these beautiful blossoms?

    • It is a bit early yet for butterflies, Lori, especially as it has stayed cooler for longer this year. September felt more like August. Bees are making an appearance. Local insect life will pick up when the weather becomes warmer later in October.

  6. I love to go with you on your garden visits, the blossom looked heavenly.

    • Hi Susan, Yes, the blossom was very appealing. It was at just the right height for me to photograph.

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