The Gold Coast


I am guessing that not many posts about the Gold Coast commence with a photograph of the bronze head of this man, Peter J. Lacey, who was an Australian Surf Life Saving Champion from 1963 to 1984 and also, a Gold Coast business pioneer whose interests included real estate and development. This man encapsulates two main aspects of the Gold Coast – beach culture and a love of high rise apartments.

The Gold Coast which stretches south of Brisbane in Queensland to the New South Wales border is one of Australia’s premier tourist destinations. Early in August, I visited family who now live there having moved from Castlemaine to be closer to their daughter and medical facilities.




In September 2015, I was holidaying in the historic fishing village of Port Fairy – what a contrast to the bustling, high rise, urban development of the Gold Coast!


I admired these sculptures in the Broadwater parklands. The seagull kept an eye on me but had no intention of moving from its vantage point.














I sent a text to my cousin saying I would meet her near the big horse in Victoria Park, Broadbeach.




My cousin took me to the botanic gardens where my aunt volunteers. I liked the mosaic highlights on this statue.




I loved this mosaic panel at the centre of the sensory garden.








My cousin also took me on a day trip to O’Reillys in Lamington National Park. The sculpture commemorates the rescue of the survivors of an aeroplane crash by Bernard O’Reilly in February 1937.


This photograph gives an idea of the subtropical rainforest which Bernard O’ Reilly and other rescuers had to navigate to reach the site of the plane crash.




Alpacas are irresistible. My cousin’s children relished the opportunity to feed them.


The alpacas had this magnificent view whilst they munched.




I couldn’t ignore this dramatic skyscape dwarfing the high rise.



9 Responses

  1. I really enjoyed this selection of sculptures and other art from the Gold Coast. I actually don’t get there very much, rarely in fact, even though I live close. You’ve reminded me of some of the features I enjoy. Oh, and I love alpacas! 🙂

    • Hi Jane, Yes, the alpacas were an added bonus. I have read your posts about walking in Lamington National Park. Is O’Reillys one of the places you have been?

      • Yes, I’ve been to O’Reillys on one occasion, but all the other walks were done in the Binna Burra section. I hope to visit O’Reillys again soon. I think the narrow winding road frightened me a bit when I went there in 2010. I’m braver these days though. 🙂

  2. Still trying to work out how to respond. There are some great photo’s. Auntie Loncie and Rosemary

    • Hi Loncie and Rosemary. I am glad you liked the photos. Thank you for your hospitality when I came to visit.

  3. The alpaca view is outstanding! I really enjoyed your photographic perspective of the Gold Coast – which I had only heard of and had little knowledge about.

    • Lori, I can imagine there are similar beachside holiday developments in the United States, perhaps in Florida.
      In its original state, sand dunes lined the shores with swampy areas behind. The swamps have been drained to create housing developments lining canals.
      With your interest in wild life, I think you would have enjoyed a whale watching experience as the Gold Coast is also on the main winter migration route of hump back whales.

  4. Your tastes and mine are very similar, you chose some wonderful images to photograph, thank you.

    • Hi Susan, I was surprised by the art work which graced the parks and botanical gardens of the area. I wasn’t expecting to be photographing sculptures and mosaics on my visit to the Gold Coast – a pleasant surprise.

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