Unexpected Bounty


This is another drawing inspired by my old garden in Ferntree Gully. I finished the drawing on the 8th of July 2009.

I regarded the broken branch from the big banksia (Banksia marginata or Silver Banksia) as an unintended and unexpected gift. Perhaps a possum had been too heavy for the branch which snapped under its weight.

I loved the contrast between the dull green upper sides of the leaves and the white (silver) undersides. The immature flowers were challenging to draw.

The picture captures the happiness and energy I felt at that time.

Sadly, my favourite tree in the garden was cut down by the new owners.



8 Responses

  1. I also love the contrast between the silver underside and the darker green tops of these plants, Margaret. Thank you for sharing such lovely memories of your old garden. How wonderful that you have these beautiful drawings to treasure and keep as a record of Ferntree Gully for others to enjoy.

    • Thank you, Jane. I am sorry I have taken a while to respond to your comment but I have been visiting the area near your part of the country, namely the Gold Coast.
      I don’t see Silver Banksias around here. They prefer to be nearer the coast as they are adapted to coastal situations.

  2. Such soothing, graceful lines and calming color.Thank you for bringing such loveliness to the world, Margaret.

    • Thank you, Lori. I enjoyed the challenge of making the drawing.

  3. Hi Margaret, I think you beautifully captured both immature flowers and the silver underside of the leaves…… very sensitively drawn, another lovely piece of native flora artwork.

    • Thank you, Jennie. Drawing the banksia means observing in closer detail than can be achieved by looking alone. The goal is not to produce a botanical drawing for which I have ho skill, but to interpret my experience of the plant.

  4. Lovely sensitive drawings, thank you.

    • Hi Susan, I am glad you like the drawing. It is rewarding having an appreciative audience.

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