Autumnal Oaks


This week I had the opportunity to draw this picture in soft pastel. I had been waiting for weeks for the oaks in one of my favourite sections of Castlemaine’s Botanical Gardens to reach the peak of their autumnal glory.

It is early winter and the oaks are among the last of the deciduous trees to acquire their autumn colour. It was fine, but chilly, when I commenced the drawing on Monday morning, but Wednesday morning was just glorious. There were plenty of people out walking – many with their grandchildren or dogs. Nearby, a small group was practising Qi Gong.

Crimson rosellas, Australian magpies and Bronzewing pigeons enjoyed the bounty offered in the gardens that morning.

This picture gives me a lot of pleasure. I hope you enjoy it too.


6 Responses

  1. Love these drawings very much, Margaret, especially the colours and the tree-shadow endowed paths. Also, love the idea of people practising Qi Gong amidst these trees.

    • Yes, the gardens are well used in all seasons. I don’t think I have ever been to the gardens and been the only person there. The local highland band practises in the gardens and in the warmer months, I attend my Tai Chi class there. It is wonderful being in the shade of the trees, looking up into the blue sky and watching the activities of the cockatoos.

  2. I love your art work, you are so clever.

    • Thank you for your support, Susan. I am glad you appreciate my work.

  3. Lovely colors and such a magnificent tree. Your drawings are stunning! We have various oaks here and planted several on our place this spring. Deer love the acorns, and that was our main purpose for planting.

    • I am glad you enjoy the drawing, Lori. Whilst the native black cockatoos have learnt to harvest the seeds from the cones of introduced pines, I have never seen a native bird or animal make use of the acorns of oaks nor found chewn remains on the ground.

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