Joyces Park, Newstead


For this post, I am featuring another open garden I visited in spring last year. Joyces Park is one of the Gardens of the Hedge (Horticultural Endeavours Demonstrating Gardening Enthusiasm) which were open for viewing from October, the 31st to November, the 8th 2015.

Joyces Park is a working farm. Farming implements and other bits and pieces gathered over the generations have found their way into the garden.






Tough, hardy plants which are drought and frost tolerant are a feature of this garden.












There were beautiful blooms to enjoy.






I liked the humorous touches. Perhaps a stray Yeti had wandered into the garden.







8 Responses

  1. I can relate to that!!!

  2. What a lovely country garden. There appears an interesting, relaxing and attractive surprise around every corner. You never disappoint on your posts……well done Margaret.

    • Thanks Jennie, The gardener was selling fridge magnets of her favourite gardening quotes. I bought a couple and have them on my own fridge. I think “Working in the garden gives me something beyond the enjoyment of senses. It gives me a profound feeling of inner peace.”is particularly apt.

  3. Lovely pictures from an interesting garden.

    • Hi Susan. The garden was clearly a labour of love for the woman who was the gardener in the family. It was created around her own love of flowers and the needs and interests of the family.

  4. I think of my home state – Nebraska – when I see farm implement garden items and whimsical ideas for outdoor decor. Even the plants are simple farmstead species that stand stoically on the prairie. This is a lovely post that shows there is beauty where we don’t often think it might dwell.

    • I am glad this post brought back fond memories, Lori. With plenty of land and big sheds, farmers can indulge the habit of not throwing anything away, thus providing rich pickings for repurposing projects.

      • Yes, and if one is lucky, sometimes these implements and gadgets are given away… Often considered junk!!

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