Chewton Post and Telegraph Office


A friend and I recently spent a morning drawing in nearby Chewton. My friend who likes to draw ruinous buildings, busied herself with the remains of an old bank whilst I was attracted by the colourful display of artificial flowers hanging in baskets on the verandah of the post office.

The Chewton Post and Telegraph Office was built in 1879. As the population declined in the post gold rush era, the Commonwealth Postmaster General’s Department made the post office redundant but it continued to operate as a local enterprise. The post office has survived various attempts to shut it down. In the 1990s, the local council wanted to sell the land but the good folk of Chewton were having none of that. They formed the Chewton Domain Society and took ownership of the land where the post office, old town hall and a small park are situated.  This independently minded community also formed a local organisation to run the local swimming pool when the council tried to shut it down.

The post office currently provides services to about 400 local residents who collect their mail from post office boxes as there are no home mail deliveries in Chewton.




This sign hangs on the post office fence. I have not seen its like elsewhere in the district.



6 Responses

  1. What a heartening story of the community gathering together to save services and facilities. Last week there was a news item here about folk saving their local public conveniences when they were about to be closed down and the land sold off. Love your artwork, too.

    • Thank you. People living in smaller communities form bonds through regular interaction and there is the potential to rally together when the community is threatened.

  2. How wonderful that the townspeople rallied together to save important and historic areas of Chewton. This is what I love about your posts… along with the artistic aspect we also get a glimpse of regional history and culture.

    • Yes, Lori. The residents of the small communities in the district can be pretty feisty. They work hard to keep their communities viable.

  3. Well done the local residents, I liked your artwork.

    • Thank you, Susan. I enjoyed sitting in the sun in front of the post office creating the drawing. I was able to observe people coming and going into the post office and fielding their comments.

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