The Colours of Autumn at Mica Grange


Hey, Ho! It was a beautiful autumn day, perfect for another visit to Mica Grange on Sunday, the 3rd of April to view the latest sculpture exhibition. However, in this post, I am concentrating on the garden. Whilst I have now made a number of visits to Mica Grange, there are new things to photograph as it is a garden which keeps on giving.

It was very pleasant wandering around the garden unescorted by the flies which were so abundant in spring.




There are new objects to attract attention as the owners add to their own collection of garden art.






The peppers created quite a show in the vegetable garden.


The native bees were loving this flowering eucalypt.




8 Responses

  1. Such beautiful colours of Autumn and that flowering eucalyptus really is something. No wonder the bees flock to it.

    • Yes, the bees couldn’t get enough of the flowers, Gail. The deciduous trees are busy shedding their leaves at present and will soon be quite bare.

  2. Yes, Jennie. Autumn seems to be a time when people relax after the heat and dry of summer and before the cold and darkness of winter.

  3. Beautiful photos Margaret.Autumn is my favourite time of the year……. so easy on the eye and gentle on the spirit.

  4. What an interesting garden to visit and so colourful in autumn. I’d return also to enjoy the garden art and the changing seasonal views. We don’t have a distinct autumn up here so it’s lovely to see the colours changing in the gardens further south.Thank you, Margaret.

    • Hi Jane. Autumn has really gathered pace over the past couple of weeks. The golden ashes are now blazing beacons of yellow whilst the claret ashes are beginning to acquire their autumn finery.

  5. Loved the combination of flowers and garden art, no wonder you go back there.

    • Susan, One of the attractions is the morning or afternoon tea served on the deck overlooking the garden and Sutton Grange Valley. There are scones and home made cakes – always a treat!

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