Harmony View, Harcourt


Gardens of the Hedge (Horticultural Endeavours Demonstrating Gardening Enthusiasm) originally began as the fringe to the Castlemaine and District Festival of Gardens held every two years. Between the 31st of October and the 8th of November 2015 (Cup Week to Victorians), Gardens of the Hedge opened their gardens in the ‘off’ year for the Garden Festival.

So I was very happy to visit Harmony View on the 7th of November. Harmony View is situated on the edge of the Harcourt township. The top view epitomises two main aspects of the garden – a rural outlook and callistemons.


The rural outlook


Callistemons in full bloom –




Crimson and white.












There was a small vegetable patch in raised beds.

The strawberries, whilst blurry in the photograph, looked very inviting.


Gardens of the Hedge will be opening their gardens again in September of this year. The Castlemaine and District Festival of Gardens will be in full swing during Cup Week. Happy Days are ahead!


9 Responses

  1. What an attractive place. The ‘bottle brushes’ are very pretty.

    • Hi, Callistemons or bottle brushes are popular and appear in gardens, parks and street plantings as well as those areas of the bush where they grow naturally. There are cultivars as well as native species.

      • They are lovely. I like them very much.

  2. What a soothing and relaxing garden. The colors are lovely… even the sky seems to invite a meditating walk in the sunshine.

    • Yes, Lori, It is difficult to ignore callistemons when they are in full bloom – they are so showy. Whilst there are other showy Australian native plants, many are rather more subtle in their appeal.
      It is also difficult to ignore a cloudless, china blue sky – it makes every thing seem so much brighter.

  3. Thanks for an interesting tour, most enjoyable.

    • I am pleased you enjoyed this post, Susan. There are more gardens of the HEDGE which will be featured in future posts.

  4. Harmony View – what a delightful name. The callistemons look stunning. I admire those raised vegetable beds. They make since for people with back and knee problems as well as being good for drainage. I think it’s lovely that people open their gardens for others to view. Thanks for another tour, Margaret.

    • Hi Jane, The property takes its name from Harmony Way, a section of the old Calder Highway which runs through Harcourt. Harmony Way is named after Henry ‘Harmony’ Nelson, an elder of the Dja Dja Wurrung clan, the traditional owners of the area.
      The Calder Freeway bypasses Harcourt which is now a much more relaxing place to visit.

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