Port Fairy Angling Club


My previous post about Port Fairy featured the Community Water Mural, a project of the Port Fairy Consolidated School.

This post features another mural in Port Fairy. The Port Fairy Angling Club looks out over the Moyne River. Nothing special about the club building, but some one has allowed their artist to run free in the creation of this mural painted on a shed.








I wonder if anglers can identify the fish depicted?


8 Responses

  1. I wish we allowed more murals on building. They would make a lot of ugly plain looking places so much more pleasant and cheerful to look at. Thanks for sharing these. How lovely. 🙂

    • Hi Jane, I agree art in public or private spaces gives an area a whole new energy. The street or graffiti art in the laneways of Melbourne is testimony to this.

  2. A pleasure to look at, thank you.

    • Hi Susan, I am sure the members of the angling club would be chuffed by the admiring comments about the mural.

  3. I think the whole building should be painted this way! 😀

    • Yes, Lori. The club building is in contrast to the mural on the rear wall of the shed. Perhaps the angling club wanted to add to the amenity of the riverside walk. Port Fairy likes to promote itself as one of the most liveable small towns in the world!

  4. Fantastic!!! What a hidden gem!

    • Yes Johanna, It was a surprise to see this mural which can be viewed from the footpath along the Moyne River.

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