Community Water Mural, Port Fairy


Nothing to see here‘ you would think, but you would be wrong! Even the most utilitarian of structures can be transformed by art as I discovered during my holiday in Port Fairy earlier this year.




I didn’t realise some witless vandal (I’m being polite here) had defaced the mural by adding penises to the birds until I took a closer look at this photograph. Some people have no respect and it’s kids art for goodness sake!






Morose looking wader.






Grumpy seagull.


‘Well done, Port Fairy Consolidated School, ‘ I say.










6 Responses

  1. The children’s artwork is lovely and uplifting. I particularly like the characterful crab – and especially the grumpy seagull!

    • Yes, the creatures depicted in the mural seem to have acquired their own individual personalities. I was impressed the creatures, even the tiniest, had been carefully labelled.

  2. Lovely to see the children’s paintings, thank you for sharing them. Have a great 2016.

    • Hi Susan. Yes, it is great to see children’s work getting a public airing. Unlike temporary art installations by students at the Castlemaine State Festival, this is a ‘permanent’ art work.

  3. How wonderful to see this artwork on a sewer pump station. I’ve noticed more and more artwork on rubbish bins, posts, and other buildings these days. It’s such a great idea. I’ve noticed it tends to stop the more lewd types of graffit being painted on objects. It’s a shame about the defacement on some of these pictures though. I haven’t seen that on much artwork in our area. I hope you had a wonderful Christmas, Margaret. I’ve been away from blogging so have quite a lot of reading to catch up on. Best wishes for 2016. 🙂

    • Thank you, Jane. I hope the students have enjoyed seeing their water mural whenever they go to the park where the pump station is located. The mural certainly gave me a lot of pleasure.

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