Going Down to the Sea


On Wednesday, I returned from a week’s holiday in Port Fairy on the south west coast of Victoria.

This is my first post about my experience of Port Fairy.

The beaches are distinctive as they are fringed by basalt rocks. The rocks give the sand a grey tinge.

I look forward to sharing further posts about Port Fairy.





I couldn’t resist paddling in this rock sheltered pool.

13 Responses

  1. If only I’d known you were there – we could have caught up ! I spend as much time there as at my new place towards Portland. Very sorry to have missed you….. know I’ve been silent lately (for too long really) but I’m still lurking about at times.
    Looking forward to reading more about your visit Margaret 🙂

    • It’s lovely to ‘hear’ from you again, Enevea. My holiday in Port Fairy was inspired by your visit to the town months ago.
      I found myself dreaming over your photographs and decided it was time to return. My last visit to the district was roughly 40 years ago.
      I hope your move to the Portland area has been favourable.

  2. It looks like a beautiful time of year to be there. I visited Port Fairy in the late 1980s and it was winter – brrr.
    Still, I enjoyed it very much.

    • Hi Gail. I got to enjoy some beautiful warm spring weather – I wore short sleeves for the first time this season – as well as some chilly weather where beanie and scarf were required.

  3. It sounds like you had a lovely trip to the sea. Very calming I’m sure! I’m fond of our rocky coastlines. There are so many interesting boulders and rocks to examine. I would have really enjoyed this spot. I especially like the last photo, Margaret, and look forward to hearing more. Was the water chilly? 🙂

    • Jane, I don’t know about the open sea, but the water in the pool was ideal paddling temperature. I really enjoyed my first paddle of the season.

  4. I really like the photo with the grass in the foreground. It balances out your whole composition nicely and shows the rugged nature of our Aussie coastlines. I miss white sand!

    • Fran, The grass is testimony to the toughness of coastal vegetation. The grass and its companions are growing in a small patch of sand which has gathered on top of some rocks.

      • That’s why I love grasses and am attempting to grow as many ornamental grasses as I can here on Serendipity Farm. Tough, beautiful and very deep rooted. They should survive 🙂

  5. The rock pool looks perfect for paddling in, well done you.

    • Yes, Susan. It was a warm day and the sparkling, shallow water was soooo inviting.

  6. Port Fairy seems to be a tranquil area. I love that last photograph especially… the rock sheltered pool.

    • Port Fairy is a small seaside town of less than 3,000 people. There are surf beaches with surfers risking life and limb as they surf towards the rocks but the rock sheltered pool is an oasis of still water.

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