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Gale and Gusto
September 28, 2015


On Saturday,  I visited the Hepburn Community Wind Farm at Leonards Hill near Daylesford as a member of a tour organised by Mount Alexander Shire Council.

It was a perfect, sunny, warm day with NO WIND so Gale and Gusto were having the day off.

I was keen to join the tour as I had read and heard about the criticisms of wind farms so this was an opportunity to get up close and personal with a wind turbine. Taryn Lane, representing Hepburn Wind, was kept busy explaining the history of the project, how local community support was harnessed, how the community co-operative worked, the benefits of the wind farm for the environment and for the community, and countering the criticisms.

Hepburn Wind Community Energy is the owner and operator of Australia’s first community owned wind farm. The 4.1 MW wind farm produces enough clean energy for over 2,000 homes and delivers a range of benefits to the local area including grants and sponsorships for local projects through the Hepburn Wind Community Fund.

The wind farm project began in September 2004 and began generating power in June 2011.

Another community owned wind farm, Denmark Community Windfarm Ltd. now operates in Denmark, Western Australia.

In recent years, state and federal governments have been anti-wind (anti-renewable energy in general) making it more difficult for other community owned wind farm projects to proceed. With a new Victorian government which is more positive about wind generated electricity, there are hopes there will be active support for new and fledgling community wind farm projects.  Woodend Integrated Sustainable Energy (WISE) has been developing a community wind farm project for 4 years with the aim of creating a wind park hosting 3 turbines in a nearby pine forest in the Shire of Macedon Ranges.




This is Gale, , and…….



This is Gusto.


My thanks to my niece, Gemma, for the photographs in which I am featured.

Going Down to the Sea
September 19, 2015


On Wednesday, I returned from a week’s holiday in Port Fairy on the south west coast of Victoria.

This is my first post about my experience of Port Fairy.

The beaches are distinctive as they are fringed by basalt rocks. The rocks give the sand a grey tinge.

I look forward to sharing further posts about Port Fairy.





I couldn’t resist paddling in this rock sheltered pool.

Jenny’s Garden, Glenlyon
September 5, 2015


The season for open gardens has commenced again – yay!

The owners of five gardens around Glenlyon opened their gardens to the public on the weekend of the 29th and 30th of August.

Glenlyon is a small township near Daylesford on the Great Dividing Range.

I visited two of the gardens, the first being Jenny’s Garden in the heart of the township.

Be prepared for photographs of daffodils in this and a later post about the second garden I visited.






I was able to admire the structure of the espaliered trees which were still bare of leaves.




Protecting precious seedlings with soft drink bottles.


Does anybody know what this vegetable is? It is the most gorgeous shade of purple and is new to me.






There were swathes of hellebores under the deciduous trees. This is not a sight you would see around Castlemaine where hellebores are planted in small numbers in protected parts of the garden where they receive dappled shade.








Yesterday’s heroes – These seed heads from last season contrast with the new lush green growth.




The fresh colours of new growth are every where.