A Garden Remembered


Calm and content I sit,

The late sun

Dapples the green of my backyard.

Monday, 28th of July 2008

This is the first post in a series featuring drawings I made of my former garden in Ferntree Gully.



7 Responses

  1. Lovely, Margaret.

    • Thank you, I am glad this post struck a chord with you.

  2. Winter is a good time to contemplate gardens past, present and future. We sat outside in the rare morning sun yesterday drinking our cups of coffee and tea while we worked out exactly when we were going to tackle the front half acre. Remembering a garden that you lived with, that you helped nature to create and that you were part of for a period of time is a lovely thing Margaret. Cheers for sharing your artistic thoughts with us 🙂

    • Thank you, Fran. Not much rain here but quite a lot of low grey sky which at least keeps the frosts at bay. I hope your contemplation of the plans for your garden were productive.

      I, too, spend time contemplating my garden whilst working out what needs to be done next – with weeding, pruning and planting all jostling for attention, it can be difficult deciding what has priority.

      • Difficult, and in our case, downright terrifying! 😉

  3. Beautiful words and art, Margaret. I can just imagine experiencing that myself. Thank you. 🙂

    • Hi Jane. Yes, one of the simple pleasures of life is being able to gaze out on a sunny garden from indoors. I also have that pleasure in my home here in Castlemaine.

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