An Autumn Afternoon in Vaughan


 The last few days have been very wintry – cold, grey with fitful sun and biting winds.

So, I am cheering myself up with publishing this post about a visit to Vaughan on a beautiful, warm autumn day on Friday, the 1st of May.

The township of Vaughan is situated on the junction of the Loddon River and Fryers Creek which have carved a narrow, steep valley.


 The bush at the top of the valley.






Looking across the valley to the rocky slope opposite.


 The Vaughan Springs Reserve lies at the bottom of the valley. The mineral springs have attracted day visitors for many years. The reserve has seen better days when it was more popular with visitors but the giant slide has been maintained and the plantings of exotic trees supplemented with newer plantings.

The trees glowed with autumn colour in the bright sun.















 I didn’t have time to draw that afternoon so I picked some leaves and made this pastel drawing  later.



7 Responses

  1. I can understand why thinking of this place and looking at the photos would cheer you on a cold and miserable day. They are filled with lovely sunshine, blue skies and gorgeous autumn colours. I would have really enjoyed this walk too. I love your pastel leaf drawing. Seeing it on the wall would brighten a gloomy day. Thanks for sharing another lovely experience with us, Margaret. 🙂

    • I am glad this post has brought some cheer to your day also, Jane. Autumn colour is something we can enjoy in Victoria because it is cold enough.

      The vegetation in the subtropics has its own delights – frangipani for instance.

  2. Your leaf pastel drawing is lovely Margaret. Those fiery shots of colour from hardy Liquidambars was a shot in the arm for me. Tomorrow we will be hauling our annual 15 or so trailer loads of horse manure from up the road and that means it is just days away from me raking our elderly neighbours property of all of those oak leaves that are currently falling with determination. Probably another 20 or so trailer loads. I am “unfit” at best so goodness only knows how I will fair up but I will have a good view of our liquidambar as I work and that should keep me motivated. Thank you for sharing this lovely place with us Margaret 🙂

    • I remember your description of leaf raking last season, Fran. You will be able to put your new leaf rake to good use……..and think of all the nourishment you will be providing for your summer crops!

      The liquidambars are among the last trees to colour up in this district. The oak trees are also colouring well at present. The poplars and ashes are bare now.

      • Tassie is a lovely place to be in the autumn. I had never lived anywhere that had so many deciduous trees prior to moving to Tassie and love the clear lines between seasons. It makes me happy :). I must admit the hard slog to rake those leaves has me twitching a bit but I tell myself “it is only once a year” and that tends to get me through 😉

  3. Oh Margaret!! I LOVE LOVE LOVE your drawing! As a young person I never took much notice of trees, but now, living at the edge of the woods, I see their splendor all through the year. You did a magnificent job capturing the colors and textures of these beauties in your photographs. What a lovely place this must have been to walk.

    • Hi Lori, I am glad you appreciate the drawing. The colours of the leaves were especially vivid in the bright sunshine.

      I imagine the woodland trees in your area would be full of colour in the autumn.

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