Yoga Inspirations


On Tuesday mornings I travel to Mt. Franklin about 25 minutes from my home to attend a gentle Dru Yoga class in my teacher’s studio on her rural property.

The class is attended by 4 mature aged women.  Dora adapts the yoga postures and movements to accommodate our abilities.

Yoga encourages the quality of mindful presence. The attention is focused on the movements of the body and the breath which can allow us to engage more deeply with how we are feeling in our bodies and with our emotions.

During a recent yoga class two of the sequences proved to be especially powerful on the day.

I had the vivid experience of the image I have drawn during the Tree of Transformation sequence

There was a sense of complementary pieces locking together to form a harmonious whole, the energy of which generated the shining light.

Whilst performing the Salutation to the Four Directions sequence, we were asked to concentrate on the qualities we wanted to have in our lives at present. The qualities which manifested for me were:

Power – self mastery, standing in my power

Gratitude – acknowledging my gratitude for the good things in my life

Compassion – for myself and others

Play – making sure there is a healthy dose of fun, play and creativity in my days.

10 Responses

  1. It sounds like you have found the right yoga class, Margaret. I’ve always wanted to try yoga but have been put off via images of lithe and supple young things contorting themselves into all kinds of positions! I would also like to try Tai Chi, which always looks so graceful.

    • Yes, I think more people would be willing to try yoga if there were more images of people of a variety of body types, ages and abilities practising yoga.

      My teacher is a mature aged woman of solid build who readily admits there are postures she had difficulties with.

      We wear comfortable clothing – not trendy yoga gear. We have a a lot of fun in our class as we perform the postures and movements within the range of our abilities.

      I have found yoga and Tai Chi help to keep me sane in stressful times.

  2. I have wanted to try yoga but am not very flexible and my balance is quite poor however I guess yoga is quite gentle and will improve these aspects. The video certainly looks very peaceful and the motions are gentle. Thanks for sharing this. It encourages me to look into it further.

    • Yes, it is worth a try, Jane. My balance is not great either. I use a chair in class to help to provide support. A wall can be handy also. I have been able to attend classes whilst suffering from sciatica and more recently, from a knee injury. Dora, the teacher, is able to suggest modifications to the poses or movements so I can continue to participate in the class.

  3. I have never tried yoga or meditation but as I start to get older I am finding a need inside me to learn to destress naturally. I am like Lori, ‘not very limber’ so this would be right up my alley 🙂

    • Hi Fran, I am glad this post has provided food for thought.
      I have found gentle yoga and Tai Chi are valuable in promoting physical flexibility and emotional calm.

      • I need both in bucketloads at the moment so might have to hunt out somewhere to learn how to do it. Cheers for the lovely post and the pointer in the right direction 🙂

  4. I have failed many times to stick with yoga and meditation. I finally realized meditation comes easily for me simply by being in the woodlands. I do admire those who can enjoy yoga. This Dru Yoga looks like something I would be willing to try… I think my problem is mostly that I am not very limber! Your image is beautiful, Margaret. Your art is always so inspiring to me – I love the soothing colors of this one.

    • Hi Lori, I never thought I would try yoga until I attended a workshop some years ago run by a woman who called her classes ‘yoga for every body’. Sandy was a large woman, not at all like the stereotype of a wafer thin body which could be contorted every which way. So I learnt that it is a matter of finding the right class run by the right teacher.

      I have attended gentle yoga classes since my retirement as a means of keeping my body mobile. Once I reached my 50s, my body began to stiffen up rapidly so I was motivated to try to do something about it.

      The spiritual aspect of yoga also appeals to me.

      Since coming to Castlemaine, I have also attended a Tai Chi class designed for people with arthritis. For me, Tai Chi is a moving meditation.

      I agree meditation can happen in any place where you can be quiet and still and fully in the moment.

      • You have inspired me to maybe seek out a class again. I find that I am not as limber as I was when I was younger (I am 53 now), and while I am very active here on the ranch and strong as an ox lifting and moving, I feel I could improve my limberness with yoga. We are in a rural area, but I will check out a nearby town and see if I can at least learn the basics. Thank you for sharing about your experience… it’s motivated me!

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