Art comes to Newstead Community Lunch


From time to time, the Newstead Community Lunch is graced by artist, Susan Denyer.

Sue loves creating ephemeral art using natural materials from Bacchus Marsh where she lives, and Tasmania. She also uses recycled materials from opportunity shops (charity or thrift shops) and garage sales.

Sue spends the morning creating marvellous centre pieces for each table which she photographs.

The diners can spend time over lunch admiring each piece. Diners may enjoy handling or playing with objects which means some of the pieces will be in a state of disarray by the end of the lunch.

After the diners have departed, Sue packs it all up.

Sue’s art is ephemeral because it does not last – it is short lived. Other examples of ephemeral art are chalk art, sand and ice sculptures and sand mandalas.

If you want to know more about Sue’s art, you can email her:

These centre pieces were created a couple of Wednesdays ago. My personal favourite is the one with the blue whale in the centre. Perhaps you have a favourite also.

PS: The photographs in this post were taken by Susan Denyer.






Some pieces incorporate hand made paper. I am glad Sue likes beach washed glass.





A fly continues its spiritual journey moving from the heart of the spiral.



12 Responses

  1. Every single one is absolutely beautiful! What a perfect opportunity for the artist to show her art.

    • Yes, Cecilia. I hope Sue comes to the Newstead Community Lunch again to share her art.

  2. Lovely examples, and very inspiring. The fly finding its way along the spiral is my favourite, although the choice is difficult.

    • Hi Enivea. I know it is easy to have more than one favourite. In the one you have chosen, I like the way a heart has been placed on top of the sea urchin in the centre of the spiral.

  3. Such stunning works of art. I love the combination of organic materials in each piece, and the careful attention to both color and shape. They really tell a compelling story and leave me with an incredibly serene feeling. What a wonderful thing that would be to have in your home!

    • Thank you for your kind words, Hannah. Sue puts considerable thought into each piece. It is interesting how Sue’s work strikes a chord with people and promotes calm, gentle emotions.

  4. These are lovely, gentle soothing pieces of art. My favourite is the second last picture with the pinks, but I don’t know why. I do love the blues in the first one though, especially the way you have photographed it to catch the light. I love the use of things from nature to make art. I used to enjoy collecting smooth pieces of glass from the beach as well as nice pebbles and wood. Thank you for sharing these, Margaret.

    • Hi Jane, Yes, Sue’s work is very appealing. I think people can find a personal connection with different items used to create the art through the memories they trigger of current or past experiences.

      I have now clarified in my post that the photographs were taken by Susan Denyer.

  5. It is difficult to pick a favorite but I think (because I LOVE green!) the 4th from the bottom of the green table cloth with shell and stones is my favorite. I think I could be a beachcomber if I lived near the water, but alas, I’m in a landlocked state and about 9 hours from the coast. I would love to create ephemeral art… fascinating!

    • Hi Lori, Living near woodland means you have the opportunity to return home with bits of fur, feathers, interesting seed pods or cones, bits of bark, pieces of bone, dead beetles, dragon fly wings, dried grasses, pebbles, stones and rocks, skeleton leaves, fallen birds’ nests etc…… and yes, I have returned home with all these things over time.

      I am glad you like Sue’s work.

  6. My favourite is the fish bowl centrepiece. I live on the salty end of the Tamar river in Tassie and find all sorts of lovely driftwood, bits of rumbled glass and interesting old broken bits of last century pottery on the shoreline near the front of our property. I love to go beachcombing and this display strikes a distinct chord with me :). Thank you for sharing this artists beautiful work Margaret. Your images have done her artwork proud and have allowed many of us who will never see her work in person to take a look 🙂

    • I am glad you like Sue’s work, Fran. I can appreciate the appeal of beach combing and returning home with all kinds of prizes.

      I have now added a post script to my post explaining that the photographs were taken by Susan.

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