Charcoal Drawing – Beach Cricket



 I sit battling with the wind whipped page

I can hear the calls of the boys but the wind blows the words away,

A man supervises the action as the boys prance about

I look up to find the game has dissolved,

The boys are now intent on other pursuits.

Other cricket games ebb and flow along the shore exposed by the low tide,

If there are no stumps, an upended boogie board does the job.

The Barwon River, Sunday, the 18th of January 2015

I think this is an appropriate post for Australia Day, 26th January 2015.


6 Responses

  1. So do I Margaret :). You captured that simple backyard and beachside (anywhere really…) habit of Aussies to take their fun with them wherever they go. Happy Australia Day Margaret, and here’s to many many more 🙂

    • Thank you for your good wishes, Fran.

      I am heartened that in this age of addiction to screen based entertainment, kids and adults can still make their own fun.

      • Wherever Aussies find themselves in the great outdoors there is always some kind of game going on and usually it’s cricket 🙂

  2. I can feel the movement and the carefree mood of the day from your charcoal strokes, Margaret. A lovely sketch.

    • Thank you, Jane. I have recently returned from a week’s holiday at Ocean Grove. I enjoy visiting the Barwon River and observing the activities on the shore and the water.

      I am not a big fan of the surf preferring quieter waters where I can indulge my passion for paddling.

      • Sounds lovely. I’m a paddler as well. I saw too many sharks from my father’s boat to want to go to deep waters and I also burn very easily. 🙂

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