Volcano Chasing


 This collage was inspired by the excursion to view some of the local extinct volcanoes. It is a work of the imagination and was fun to make.

As  part of the Newstead ‘Words in Winter Celebration’ held during August, I joined an eager band of explorers to learn more about the volcanic history of our region.

With the guidance of seismologist, Gary Gibson, we learnt about the Muckleford Fault which accounts for the earthquakes in the region, the interplate volcanoes which dot the area between Campbell Town and Smeaton and the local deep lead mines.

The volcanoes which were the objects of our attention were active millions of years before the existence of modern human beings. Mt. Franklin, near Daylesford, is a mere pup at around 10,000 years old. It erupted within the memory of modern human beings with local indigenous people having an oral history of sisters hurling rocks at each other.





The open air learning centre

DSCN2980Gary Gibson – tutor, guide and enthusiastic volcano chaser



Gazing across the paddocks


There ‘s one –


And there’s another. These green, cloud patterned hills are the volcanoes of ages past.



This being central Victoria, there had to be gold mines somewhere. Those pesky volcanoes spewed out lava which flowed across the gold bearing valleys which meant deep shafts had to be dug through the layer of basalt to reach the riches below. Great hills of spoil dot the landscape marking the sites of the now abandoned mines.


6 Responses

  1. Volcano chasing, beats storm chasing anytime…….safer too, as long as the volcanoes are not active!! great photos Margaret, not to mention the beautiful and vibrant collage.

    • Thanks Jennie. Yes, this volcano chasing expedition was more my pace compared with some of the ones Gary Gibson goes on. He is quite partial to active volcanoes.

      When is your blog coming online?

  2. Yes, Enivea. There was no suggestion the volcanoes were ready to spring into action again any time soon. The volcanoes tapped into pockets of magma trapped in the earth’s crust. Some of them only erupted once – job done!

  3. It’s interesting to note that your area has extinct volcanoes. Mt. Gambier and surrounds are only said to be dormant….. !
    Love your collage!

  4. Margaret, this collage of yours is one of my favorites!

    • I am glad you like it so much, Lori. I enjoyed letting my imagination run free with chocolate wrapper flames and possum fur smoke and ash shooting out of the volcanoes. (No possums were harmed in the making of this collage.)

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